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The health, safety and comfort benefits we want for ourselves, loved ones and clients come from choosing services, products and actions from trusted companies that share your values. 

Green Home Coach works with companies whose products and services support healthier outcomes, small businesses, women and homes. 

I have an affiliate relationship with many of these trusted companies and receive a commission for your purchase.

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Trusted Partners

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Green Screen Air Filter, from Superior Air Quality

Hear Gay Harris on the Everyday Green Home podcast

The Green Screen Air Filter is a custom-made HVAC filter with a reusable aluminum frame and a replaceable Green Screen. Frame sizes and types to fit most units and custom sizes are available as well.

Use coupon code: greenhomecoach

Plaine Products

Hear Lindsey Delaplaine on the Everyday Green Home podcast

Plaine Products, founded by two sisters, are toxin-free, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free hair and body products in reusable, returnable, refillable aluminum bottles. They consist of natural ingredients and they are free of any chemicals that you can’t pronounce. Their subscription service brings natural  products straight to your doorstep.

First Saturday Lime

Hear Jessica on the Everyday Green Home podcast

First Saturday is a patent-pending, eco-friendly insect repellent and antimicrobial that is lab-proven and field-tested to powerfully repel unwanted bugs. 

Use coupon code: greenhomecoach

Home Depot Eco Options

Home Depot’s Eco Options program offers products that meet “stringent criteria in 6 key product categories: energy efficiency, water conservation, sustainable forestry, healthy home, clean air, and circular economy.” Order here for easy delivery or pick up at your local Home Depot.