Let’s Get to Know Each Other!

Photos taken at Beacon Homes

Hi, I'm Marla Esser Cloos
Your Green Home Coach

Though I may not have met or talked with you yet, I care about you, what you do, and how it affects our communities and our world. This is not about climate change, politics, or tree-hugging. This is about doing your best for you and your family in your home. This is about you owning your mission and doing what you can to make a positive change. This is about not worrying about what you cannot accomplish, but celebrating what you CAN.

I’m a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and business owner. My quest for a better home began over a decade ago when one of my kids had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent. At that time, it was a lot harder to find a laundry product without fragrances, synthetic additives, and other questionable ingredients. Nonetheless, the more research I did, the more I learned about the many other things in our homes affecting our health, communities, and world.

This shocking discovery is what led me to start my mission to help others understand the implications of the products we use on our health and environment. I have extensive knowledge about which products and practices are better for our well-being than others, and I have a passion for putting my knowledge and experiences to work for you.

At Green Home Coach, helping you to create and discover healthier, more comfortable homes is what I do. I work with home professionals – designers, builders, realtors, and more; home owners and dwellers … just about anyone that works with a home in some way.

As a 100% woman-owned business, it is my mission to empower people, especially women, in their homes and families by sharing how and why green and sustainable products and actions can create a safer, healthier, and more comfortable home. We’ve focused on what we put in our bodies (food, water…) and on our bodies (personal care and beauty products). Simply put, now it’s time to focus on what happens where our body lives..

I’m proud to inspire you to discover and create healthier homes and help people like you and me live better!

“I am here to help people.”
- Marla

Certifications and Education

Honored to Be Recognized

I am a proud contributor and member of organizations supporting women, homes, sustainability and health, and small business:

  • National Association of Home Builders
    • Professional Women in Building national trustee and subcommittee chair
    • Sustainability and Green Building subcommittee member
  • Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association 
    • Professional Women in Building Council past chair and 2020 National PWB Council of the Year 
    • Build My Future OKC past chair and team lead
  • Construct My Future Camp team lead 
  • Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council – board member
  • Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri past member
  • US Green Building Council – St. Louis Green Schools Quest mentor and Programs Committee, past
  • Washington University in St. Louis 
    • Women & Engineering founding member 
    • Olin School of Business – Women Mentor Program, past
    • Washington University Marrow Donor Program – alumni advisor of founding group, past
  • Solar for our Superheroes, a project of Honoring our Mother Earth, founding board member, past
  • Business Women Connecting – St. Louis, past
  • WIBO – Workshop in Business Opportunity, Grace Hill Women’s Business Center – discussion leader, past

I’d love to work with you to make our community and our world a better place.

Together, we can do more.