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Green and sustainable products and actions provide the very health, safety and comfort benefits we want for ourselves, loved ones and clients.
Swap 5 products you currently buy for healthier ones – read labels, do research, check out trusted resources. 

Support and buy from companies which share your values. We truly can vote with our pocketbook. 

I have personally curated a collection of (my) better, more sustainable products for you, I have an affiliate relationship with Amazon and do receive a commission for your purchase. Thank you! 

Green Home Coach also works with Trusted Partners and Brands, including Home Depot Eco Options — companies whose products and services support healthier outcomes, small businesses, women and homes. 

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9 Ways to Greener Home

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So here’s the bottom line – you are responsible, I am responsible. Each of us is a part of the problem – what we buy, how much we buy, how we use stuff, the daily habits. Let’s CHANGE our habits and swap the things we buy with better things (and fewer things). “Living green has to be a blend of the stuff you buy and the things you do. If each of us built five simple practices or changes in buying habits into our daily routines, we would all soon have our own Everyday Green Homes—and we would change the world.”
- Marla of Green Home Coach