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Can My Home Be Green?

In this 1:1 program for homeowners, landlords, and home professionals including builders, remodelers, designers, Marla will teach you how a home can meet green goals. Learn how to decide which features and processes to incorporate into your homes and designs to create healthier, more comfortable homes for your clients.

Home Professionals  |  1:1 Program  |  Live with Marla


Green Home Plan

The goal of this Green Home Plan service is to document the specifics of each of the elements pursued and any additional planned practices and/or products by category. This builds on the high-level list of the features and building processes compiled in the Can My Home or Plan Be Green? Program.

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How to Sell the Value of Green Homes and Features

In this live video or on-demand workshop for real estate and home professionals, learn how green practices can help your business. In this industry, education and information are key to your expertise. Marla will teach you and your team the basics of green, high-performance homes and features and how they create the health, safety, and comfort your clients expect. 

Home Professionals and Home Dwellers  |  Self-Led

Audio Course

What Makes a Green Home Green?

In this downloadable audio course, learn what green home features are, why they matter, and how to incorporate them into your home. Join Marla and Tony, the Green Guy to learn the basic concepts of using green practices to create and discover healthier, safer, more comfortable homes.

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Everyday Green Home Membership

Our exclusive membership will roll out in Q2 of 2023. You will get access to simple swaps you can make in your home, videos, resources, a private community group, and monthly live Q&A calls. I look forward to working together to help you live a healthier, more comfortable life in your home. 

“Helping people understand the impact that their home has is the first step to a home being a part of the solution .”
- Marla

Let’s Work Together!

Are you interested in working with me in a different capacity you don’t see listed above? If one of my programs doesn’t fit your needs, 1 on 1 consulting is a chance for us to work together to create a custom experience.