How to Sell the Value of Green Homes and Features

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How to Sell the Value of Green Homes and Features

Learn How Green Can Help Your Business

In this live or on-demand video workshop for real estate and home professionals, learn how green practices can help your business. In this industry, education and information are key to your expertise. Marla will teach you and your team the basics of green, high-performance homes and features and how they create the health, safety, and comfort your clients expect. 

Offer Value to Your Clients

In this live or on-demand workshop, learn about the basics of green and efficient homes and their benefits and features. This program discusses how homes can be healthier, safer and more comfortable. Learning how the benefits of these features and homes offer value to your clients will help you sell homes and projects. 

Who is this program for?

Successful real estate and home professionals like you know that education and information are key to your expertise. Buyers, sellers and homeowners want to know more.

  • How can you get out of the noise and set yourself apart?
  • How can you help your clients connect what’s really important to them with your homes?

In this program, you will: 

  • Learn about the basics of green homes and what benefits are available from certified green or energy-efficient homes and the features and processes used to build the homes. 
  • Gain the knowledge about how green homes and features contribute to health and wellness add even more value to your services. 

A Green Home Offers Peace of Mind

Green, energy-efficient, high performance, sustainable … whatever we call it, we are talking about homes that focus more on the living experience in a home, as well as the home itself. Understanding the basics of these features and homes helps to better position, value, and sell them.

This workshop includes information to:

  • help you better serve your clients with green home knowledge and features
  • build homes and features that look good, feel great, and perform well
  • create healthier, safer, and more comfortable living spaces
  • embrace a  holistic approach to building, remodeling, and upkeep
  • balance the use of resources with the health, wellness, and control available to your clients

A green home is better because it offers the peace of mind of knowing the homes you work on do the best they can to provide a better living experience for the people living in them.

The 2-hour live workshop option may also be offered in several shorter sessions. 

2 CE credits are available by attending live workshop or by completing quiz with on-demand version. The name on the registration must match the name on the CE certificate.

Your investment is $47 for the on-demand program and $347 for the live workshop.

Who doesn't want a home that looks great, feels great, and performs well?

Most of your clients want a home that is healthier, safer, and more comfortable – even if they don’t know how to ask for it. In addition to these essential benefits, learn what else most people want from their homes and which features and processes will deliver these benefits. 

Learning the benefits of green or energy-efficient certified homes and how to relate their value to your clients will help them live healthier and more comfortably in their homes. 

Additionally, learning how to talk about what is most important to your home buyers is the secret to finding the right buyers for your homes.

Did You Know?

Women make about 90% of the decisions about a home and how to live in it. If you look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, our homes play a crucial part in providing for our “physiological needs” for basic survival (shelter) and contribute to our needs for food, water, and clothing. Knowing our homes and what’s in them provides personal security, health, and resources that fall under the 2nd tier, “Safety Needs.”

The three biggest benefits of green homes and actions are health, safety, and comfort. Green and sustainable products and actions provide the very benefits we want for ourselves, our loved ones, and our clients. We get the peace of mind from knowing we are doing everything we can in our homes to meet these basic needs in homes. 

The first step to making changes is learning more, and I’m here to help you do that. Are you ready to get started?

So, What Makes a Green Home Green?

There are 6 categories of home building, remodeling, and maintenance practices that cover the physical parts of a home as well as our behavior in a home. In addition to the basics, we will cover example practices, products and materials as well as the connectivity between the parts of homes and how we interact with them. 

Learn the benefits of green homes and features, and how they tie to the health, safety and comfort benefits our clients expect. 

So many choices for products and materials

As you know, there are so many choices for products and materials and so many qualities for each, that it is challenging to know what to choose. We cover a process to help sort it out and easily identify better, healthier choices for your clients.

Can you spot the green features?

So many homes of all types built in all eras have features that make them healthier, more comfortable, and just better.  Learn how to identify these “hidden in plain view” features and what their value is to better position homes with colleagues and clients. It all starts with knowing how to talk about these homes and features 

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My What Makes a Green Home Green audio program delivers essential information about green homes and features in easy-to-understand language. The audio modules are easy to consume on the go or at your desk. Each module has a concise resource guide for easy day-to-day reference with tips and resources to help you and your clients.

Special offer when combined with the workshop – $27 for each participant. 

To schedule your workshop and/or audio program add-on, just click on the link below. 

I’ll see you there!

"Every single little bit you do becomes part of the solution."
- Marla

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Meet Marla,
Your Green Home Coach

Hi, I’m Marla Esser Cloos, your Green Home Coach and consultant. I help people and businesses discover and create better homes to live in or work on for healthier, more comfortable lives. With my 15+ years working with green certified homes and projects, you get the knowledge and experience gained through my 4 accreditations – NAHB Master Certified Green Professional, LEED AP, NAR Green, and Wellness Within Your Walls Certified Professional. The groundwork was laid with my BS in Engineering and Public Policy from Washington University in St. Louis. 

When I saw a need for more outreach about the benefits and value of green homes and living, I founded and continue to host the Everyday Green Home podcast. My curated collection of healthier and greener products comes from my years of research and experience with green homes, and you can find them in my Everyday Green Home shop.

My certifications include: NAHB Master Certified Green Professional, LEED AP, NAR Green Designee and Wellness Within Your Walls Certified Professional. The groundwork was laid with my BS in Engineering and Public Policy and a Certificate in Energy from Washington University in St. Louis. 

My Green Home Coach programs and partnerships help people and businesses get on the path to creating better, healthier homes and lives.

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