On Demand Self-Led Program How to sell the value of green homes and features

In this on-demand video workshop for real estate and home professionals, learn how green practices can help your business. In this industry, education and information are key to your expertise. Marla will teach you and your team the basics of green, high-performance homes and features and how they create the health, safety, and comfort your clients expect.



Green, energy-efficient, high performance, sustainable … whatever we call it, we are talking about homes that focus more on the living experience in a home, as well as the home itself. Understanding the basics of these features and homes helps to better position, value, and sell them.

This workshop includes information to:

  • help you better serve your clients with green home knowledge and features
  • build homes and features that look good, feel great, and perform well
  • create healthier, safer, and more comfortable living spaces
  • embrace a  holistic approach to building, remodeling, and upkeep
  • balance the use of resources with the health, wellness, and control available to your clients

A green home is better because it offers the peace of mind of knowing the homes you work on do the best they can to provide a better living experience for the people living in them.

2 CE credits are available by completing a quiz with on-demand version. The name on the registration must match the name on the CE certificate.