Live better and smarter in your home with HomeNav®, your online resource to operate and maintain your home.

Your customized HomeNav® account is your online homeowners’ manual – the one place for all the information about your home and the systems, components, and appliances in it.  It helps you manage all the information about your home. A great way to protect the investment you have in your home!

Your HomeNav® will help you…

Spend less time taking care of your home and more time enjoying it

  • Easy access to your Smart Home Inventory for home assets, and belongings
  • All home information stored in one place, safely in the cloud
  • Extensive database of manufacturer information and resources to help you improve, maintain and green your home

Live healthier and more comfortably with green living tips and products

For Home Professionals – builders, remodelers and designers

HomeNav supports homeowner education and training required with Green Home Certification. Contact me for a custom solution for your project – new homes, remodels, single-family or multi-family.