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Recycling to Reduce Trash Our neighborhood in Oklahoma City has recently gone to the big recycle bins that can be picked up by the automated trucks. In addition to holding a LOT more than our “Little Blue Bins” we had before, they have the extra advantage of preventing trash destined for recycling from ending up [...]

Oh Wait! There’s More

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  Maurice Parnell with By the Yard out in Minnesota where they make outdoor furniture. By the Yard makes this furniture with recycled products or known as the technical name HDPE which is high-density polyethylene. HDPE is a maintenance free product so you can leave it out in the snow, ice, or rain and it [...]

Carolyn Dickson and Jenni Owens with Second Sitting and STL Teacher Post

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  Carolyn Dickson works with Second Sitting located in St.Louis. Second Sitting is a resale and consignment home furnishings and accessories store. They do a lot of furniture from display homes to staging companies, and showrooms in the area that are turning over their merchandise. So most of their furniture like 90% of their furniture [...]

Green Living – Saving Ourselves

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What exactly does “green living” entail and how does homeowner and consumer education help? An article on “Americans Have Trouble Being Green”  talks about Americans consider themselves to be environmentally conscious yet what we actually DO about it tells a different story. As the podcast notes were being pulled together, this great little excerpt [...]

Re-Loved Furniture

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For years, I’ve tagged along with my mom while she perused a handful of wonderful furniture resale shops in Oklahoma City where she lives. I could not seem to find the same kind of stores in my own hometown, St. Louis. I don’t know if I wasn’t looking hard enough or a bunch of them [...]

Reclaimed Pallets

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coat rack

  Here at HomeNav we are all either buying our first homes or remodeling our current ones. Marla’s recent blog went over what she learned during her bathroom remodel and this week’s blog will come from Danielle, who recently purchased her first home. Hi, My boyfriend and I have been looking at homes for over [...]