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Oh Wait! There's More - Let's talk about outdoor furniture and soil

Maurice Parnell with By the Yard out in Minnesota where they make outdoor furniture. By the Yard makes this furniture with recycled products or known as the technical name HDPE which is high-density polyethylene. HDPE is a maintenance free product so you can leave it out in the snow, ice, or rain and it doesn’t matter what climate you are in. So there is no need to lug in the outdoor furniture in the winter or buy the covers for when it rains because the weather doesn’t affect it, in the long run, it saves you money, and there is a 35-year guarantee. The big thing is that it’s made in the US and ships anywhere in the 48 states. They are an actual manufacturer and that is another thing that makes them different from a lot of other companies out there. Companies usually buy their products from somewhere then resell them where they actually build and manufacture from the raw material all the way through the outdoor furniture process.

Matt Keeven with Emerald View Turf Farms all started in 1951 when his grandfather started growing grass. They have found a need to educate people on great soil and what it can do for our lives. It’s what we grow our vegetables and flowers in so with bad soil comes bad nutrition and potentially bad health. “Good soil is better health”Matt Keeven. Emerald View Turf Farms soil is 100% organic and they keep all the “fillers” out of it. Fillers meaning no sand, no top soil, no manures, not that manures are bad they are fantastic but they do release nitrogen at different speeds and at different levels, so what might be good for a tomato plant might be very unsuccessful for a flower. Big Yellow Bag started 4/5 years ago and they knew that it takes a lot of impressions to get people to notice you so the Home and Garden Show was the perfect place to get a lot of exposure to different people in a small amount of time and the perfect time of year, growing season. “Get the scoop on the dirt” Matt Keeven.

Charles Johnson an outside sales and marketing rep with STL Post Dispatch our major newspaper serving the community. They do a special promotion every year at the STL Home & Garden Show offering people the opportunity to have the Post Dispatch experience at a very special introductory rate. STL Post Dispatch has the #1 baseball coverage in the Country.

Ryan Brown with Energy Panel Structure. “Comfortable homes start inside the walls” What better way to make your house energy efficient than to do it inside the structure. You don’t have maintenance needs, once the house is built, its self-sustainable you don’t have to worry about it. Their most popular structural insulated panel is 51/2 inches of expanded polystyrene foam like styrofoam which is sandwiched in the middle of OSB which is a really strong plywood. They pre-cut everything in their factory even windows in the panel for you, sip it out to the job site and one of the quality people puts it all together for you. “Very quick, very easy to do, very energy efficient” Ryan Brown. The key to structural insulated panels is the air tightness, so what they can do is control the air moving from inside to outside the building.


By The Yard

Emerald View Turf Farms

Big Yellow Bag

St.Louis Dispatch

EPS Buildings

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