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Ron and Cindy with Hoodle, an online web portal for people who are building new homes. A place that educates buyers when building a new house. You need to know where the neighborhoods are that you can build in, who the builders are who build in these neighborhoods, and what the floor plans are and the price plans and etc. Hoodle helps you not only on house information but also the resources around in the community such as the school district, how far it is to certain parts of town for a commute, amenities of the neighborhood and so much more. This is the total online resource, you visit one website and have all the information you need at hand. This is great because more and more people are starting online, doing their research online before they even walk into a sales office.


It is a big decision to build with many places to build and many people to do it, so they try to make it a little simpler to find all the information needed. Help people get into their dream home.  This gives you a better experience to search for your dream home and it empowers the buyer and helps level the playing field by letting people see what’s available.  Hoodle is the place to find your home. This is the place to educate buyers on who the builders are, who build in the neighborhood, floor plans, school district, commutes, amenities, plat maps, covenants. They have created Builder pages with information and links out to additional information that is going to be helpful to everyone looking to build or for other information on their desired neighborhood. 

Most people are doing research online first for buying or building a new home so Hoodle is the place to look for all the information you need. Hoodle is a google for Neighborhoods. Without there being a ton of information on building your home Hoodle helps you Build your dream home and lets you view thousands of neighborhoods, floor plans, and home builders at your fingertips. Hoodle is growing and expanding through the state. Look to Hoodle for every sub-division and new building area for your future building process. You’ll be able to browse new home communities and home builders near you, and even bringing to you, new places and options you might not even think of and where you can build. 

Hoodle wants to make it easier for you to find and educate yourself as the buyer. You have a one-stop place to get all your information to help you build your dream home.



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