Carolyn Dickson and Jenni Owens with Second Sitting and STL Teacher Post


Carolyn Dickson and Jenni Owens with Second Sitting and STL Teacher Post

Carolyn Dickson works with Second Sitting located in St.Louis. Second Sitting is a resale and consignment home furnishings and accessories store. They do a lot of furniture from display homes to staging companies, and showrooms in the area that are turning over their merchandise. So most of their furniture like 90% of their furniture is pre-owned and they say they are in the recycling industry because they are recycling good used furniture. They are always getting new accessories and furniture in every day so every time you go into their store, it’s a new store.

Jenni Owens, founder of Upcycle Treasure Box which is a creative reuse center where they take recyclable materials and put it back in the hands of the public, everything that comes in their studio is recyclable material and that’s all they use. They also have some multi-purpose rooms that they use for different types of events like bunko, coloring for a cause, and yard sale Wednesday, always welcome for everyone. How does Upcycle really work? What they do is take recyclable materials that you thought you were going to use or had a different purpose for using, such as toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, soda bottles, Pringle cans, etc. They have organizations, individuals, science labs, and schools all donating to them. They also have teacher slots one at the beginning of the school year and one at the end of the school year where teachers come and bring their materials that they aren’t using in their classroom anymore and for $5 they can take out as much as they can from our tables. If you aren’t in the St. Louis area, most states have a creative reuse center in their state and most of them partner with colleges, but it all depends on funding in your area. SCRAP is also an organization that helps and have a lot of different locations in different cities that is the same as the Creative Reuse Center.


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