The Eyes of Our Homes – Windows…Debbie Kinsinger of Two Blind Guys and Keith Kessler of Pella Windows


Debbie Kinsinger owner of Two Blind Guys a family owned and operated business. Debbie and her 2 sons specialize in residential and commercial window covering needs. They go out to the location, measure the windows, bring you samples and give you prices. There are 2 showrooms where you’re able to test out all the new products one in Chesterfield and the other in Kirkwood. Two Blind Guys also offers a full-service repair center in Chesterfield where they can repair about any type of blind, whether it has been purchased with them or not.  

Green really means doing things that are common sense for your home.  

Two Blind Guys have several different products that are manufactured by Hunter Douglas that they sell. They help keep your home more efficient by providing efficient energy efficiency from the heat/sun also preventing floors from being damaged from the UV and help contain heating and cooling cost by providing better insulation for windows that maybe aren’t as well insulated and protected.  


Keith Kessler a trade sales rep with Pella Windows. Keith has been in the construction industry in St. Louis building/remodeling for 25 years. He loves architectural design and his heart is in the artistic side of it. Pella Windows is made just a couple hours away here in the USA in Pella, Iowa. Pella is known as a Premier window line that has products at all price point which people don’t realize because when they think Pella, they automatically think expensive. The quality of Pella Windows is going to be substantial at any price point, but you get a lot more solid window for a little bit more money. Keith recommends you spend a little bit more on quality and get a little less in quantity. Windows are a really easy thing, let’s say you spend an extra 3/4 thousand dollars to get the right window, it could save you 30,40, or ever 50 thousand dollars over the lifetime of the home. The AIA, American Institute of Architecture says that the primary parts of a home should last at least as long as a principle mortgage, that’s 30 years! But the sad truth is that most of your main products in your home are only 15-year parts. They call them starter homes because it is simply that, a start on a home because you’re going to have to redo it. There are good builders out there, but there is always builders that are going to put the consumers uneducated wants in front of doing it right. Everything can’t be made out of bamboo and be 100% beautiful as far as environmentally, but if its a product that is going to last it’s a good investment environmentally. Durability, less maintenance, that all matters. There are a lot of things you can waste, energy, money, time but it’s about doing it right so it can be reused, maintained, and kept. 


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