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Plaine Products – Returnable Bottles for Shampoo and More with Lindsey McCoy

We are very happy to have Lindsey McCoy, of Plaine Products, with us today. Lindsey’s story is not like that of most entrepreneurs. Her background is in non-profit management.

Plastic everywhere
Lindsey met and married her husband in the Bahamas, and when she moved there, she did environmental education work. She kept bumping into single-use plastics everywhere in the Bahamas because they don’t have the same sort of infrastructure there as there is in the United States, which makes the trash ‘disappear’, so you see a lot of litter lying around all over, and also in the water. Lindsey started doing things to minimize plastic in her life. The one place she couldn’t find a solution for was the shower. And all the little plastic bottles that go in there were making her crazy.

Moving back to the States and launching Plaine Products
Lindsey and her husband moved back to the United States. Lindsey then contacted her sister and asked her to help her do something about the hundreds of millions of plastic shampoo bottles that were going into landfills every year. Her sister agreed although neither of them had any idea of what they would be getting into. Two years later, they launched Plaine Products.

Lindsey’s motivation
Lindsey got her idea because she realized that at some point, every piece of plastic we have ever used is still on this planet. And she wanted to do something about it. She also became an advocate for Green Beauty.

It just takes a little more time
It takes just a little more time to not automatically buy the products you’ve always bought. These are habits that we can all change relatively easily.

Some alternatives for the shower
Glass bottles are a little tricky in the shower, as they could break, and they are not kid-friendly.
There are solid bars of soap and shampoo available but these don’t necessarily work well for everybody.
If nothing else is available, it’s advisable to buy the biggest plastic bottles of shampoo that you can find because that will result in less plastic to get rid of in the end. And if you’re in a city, there are often places where you can get your bottles refilled.

About Plaine Products
Plaine Products are toxin-free. They consist of natural ingredients and they are free of any chemicals that you can’t pronounce. They are free of parabens, sulfates, and palm oil, and they’re cruelty-free and vegan certified.
Think Dirty has rated the Plaine Products with a zero, which means they are completely safe to use.
Aloe is the main ingredient used in Plaine Products.
Plaine Products work very well!

The Plaine Products process

The process is very simple:

  • Go to and choose the products that you want.
  • Your products then get placed in a box made of recycled paper and sent to you.
  • The first products that you buy will come with pumps. When you re-order a product, you will receive a refill bottle without a pump.
  • Along with your refill bottles, you will also get a return label to put on the box with your empty bottles. You can then return these to Plaine Products for free, where they will be washed, refilled, and sent back out into the world.

The point of this process is that it is very simple, easy, and convenient for you.

Lindsey has seen the plastic problem up close
Lindsey had the opportunity to go on an all-women expedition, called eXXpedition, to research the amount of plastic in the oceans. The incredibly cool, around the world sailing voyage consists of thirty legs. It takes two years in total to complete, and ten women get the opportunity to sail each leg, along with the professional sailing crew and the mission leader.

Lindsey got to do the leg from Aruba to Panama, in December 2019.

The voyage involved doing research, counting pieces of litter, visiting the dump at Aruba to see what the infrastructure is like, skimming the surface of the ocean with a tool designed to pick up plastic from the water, and capturing water from a depth of 75 feet to check the amount of unseen micro-plastic particles in the water.

Lindsay liked that the leaders of the eXXpedition are talking about solution-based science. So they are trying to figure out what kinds of plastics are out there and how quickly they are breaking down so that we can know what kind of plastic to stop using. Ultimately, the only real way to keep plastic out of the ocean is to use way less of it and to use it responsibly.

A double-dose of nastiness
Unfortunately, plastic lasts forever so it does not dissolve back into the water. It just breaks into smaller and smaller particles. Toxic chemicals like to attach to these plastics, making them a double-dose of nastiness for the fish who eat them. And this moves all the way up the food chain.

Recycling plastic can usually only be done once, unfortunately. And only nine or ten percent of all plastic is recycled.
Aluminum, however, can be recycled infinitely without any loss of quality.

Doing the best you can
At Plaine Products, they have a “progress, not perfection” mantra because you don’t have to be perfect. We can all, however, do our best to be responsible when it comes to making choices. And we can all do whatever we can to minimize our footprint and to keep our planet clean and green.

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