Home Detectives Can Help Create Your Green Home with Kellye Markowski

Today’s guest, Kellye Markowski, is a residential and commercial energy audit provider and project manager with Energy Smart Homes. Kellye works independently, which allows her to have an unbiased approach to finding out how to get a home to perform well.

Kellye’s enthusiasm for helping clients and homeowners optimize the comfortability of their space, along with reducing costs, is genuine and powerful. She not only carries out a meticulous energy audit for each and every home but always delivers more than the client’s money’s worth. While every homeowner wants what’s best for their home and family, people often don’t know where to start, and that’s where Kellye comes in.

Taking the Best Course of Action

There are always multiple solutions to every problem. Kellye’s job is to help clients better understand and weight out the pros and cons of each method. Kellye’s go-to strategy consists of helping people recognize the benefits of each solution and what would make it a good option for their individual circumstances. With this in mind, clients are able to accurately weigh out options by acknowledging which strategy best reflects their needs.

Reducing Energy Cost and Optimizing Comfort in your Home

Often times, homes and commercial buildings are built with only one thing in mind; stability. Stability and protection from outside elements don’t ensure comfortability or optimal energy preservation, which is why having an energy audit prior to further construction is so necessary. Kellye has encountered a plethora of homes with inadequate insulation, uncapped holes, electric furnaces with misplaced ducts, and so much more. Her ability to find and solve large-scale problems hidden right under the noses of homeowners is unmatched.

Kellye implements her expertise in a way that will help homeowners divert further discomfort. Without an energy audit, homeowners often result in dealing with unresolved and easily avoidable problems. Kellye finds ways to address issues relatively inexpensively and as seamlessly as possible.

Understanding Construction for Energy Conservation

People tend to gravitate towards the prettier, more glamorous aspects of a home – lighting, countertops, extravagant bathtubs. While the mechanics of a living space may be the least fun aspect of maintenance, it may easily be named the most important. No matter how pretty your home is, if you’re uncomfortable, you won’t be able to enjoy anything else. Homeowners typically aren’t well educated in how to tell if a house is built to perform well, which is why energy audits are important.

Kellye’s experience as a construction estimator and large loss handler with an insurance company has qualified her with the expertise needed to properly evaluate a living space. Along with this, she has extensively submerged herself not only in her own education but as an educator. After 18 years as an art teacher, she transitioned to use the skills she acquired in creative thinking to support her passion for conserving and energy efficiency.

Assumptions Home Owners Make when Buying

Just as people often assume products are sustainable, people often make the same assumptions when purchasing a home. After all, why would people build something defective? Well, the truth is that homes are often built simply for protection, and little thought of comfortability is applied to the building process.

Kellye’s comprehensive knowledge of building functionality is applied when auditing each and every home. She helps clients understand what is needed for their home in order to integrate the necessary elements to improve their level of satisfaction.

Approaching Clients with Attainable Solutions

Kellye is able to achieve her goal to optimize comfortability by communicating with clients in a way that is easy to understand. Kellye has found that the number one reason clients work with her is due to her comprehensive communication skills. She is very articulate and thorough when it comes to her evaluating and conversational methods.

There is an array of resources available to individuals looking to improve and optimize their homes. What Kellye has to offer promises stability, comfortability, and long-term satisfaction. The benefits of a home audit are endless and guarantee to bring great value to each and every client.


AeroBarrier – breakthrough envelope sealing technology, offers a revolutionary air-sealing solution that solves the problem of homes that leak. Air leaks are a major factor in homes that may not be comfortable or perform well. AeroBarrier stops the leaks for improved comfort, health, and safety for the people living in the home.

The #1 reason people call Kellye is high utility bills and lack of comfort. When people see Kellye do an audit, they see the benefit of the audit before she even reviews the audit report with them.  The report gives the actions that can be taken to address the issues found. And it is the actions that make the difference. The great reactions and ad hoc testimonials she receives attribute to her passion for her work and helping homeowners live better in their homes.

She knows how to use her tools and talents to discover the “smoking gun” and gets a charge out of being able to find the culprit and get it fixed.  You can reach Kellye at Kellye@EnergySmartHomes.us.

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