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Learn more about the 5 R's of recycling or do without

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do Or Do Without

My grandmother was a big influence in my growing up years. She was one of the biggest motivators for me getting involved in the green and sustainable world. Grandmother was …

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Green Remodeling in action with ladder and other materials

Green Remodeling for a Better Home

Green – concerned with or relating to conservation of the world’s natural resources and improvement of the environment. Remodel – to reconstruct, make over.  (from dictionary.com) From these definitions, Green …

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Thanks Danie Oberg from Pexels for helping us visualize incremental green

Incremental Green – an old idea with a new name! 

MAINTAINING, REPLACING AND UPGRADING YOUR WAY TO A BETTER HOME    Sometimes the idea of making all of the “right” choices can feel overwhelming. The good news? Making better choices …

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2019-2020 Guest Appearances – Blogs, Articles, and Workshops

I know you’ve seen the memes about 2020, and many people have found 2021 to be just as abnormal and chaotic. One thing is for sure though, no matter what …

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Anything you do will help make our world a better place. Remember, even small steps make a big difference.

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