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2024 IBS Products

IBS, 2024 was the largest International Builder Show (IBS) and Kay Biz (KBIS) that I had attended in my almost 15 years of going with over 115,000 people attending, wow! That means there were tons of IBS products to see, so many products! I did not get to see even a fraction of the ones I wanted to but I’d like to share with you what I did see and why I hold so much hope in those products.
There were so many new and innovative ideas that were being shared with the participants. Everything from building materials to ventilation to kitchen and bath ideas. The last few years I’ve been a judge for the best of IBS, and really had a chance to dive into some of the products. I’ve also been a spotter for Wellness Within Your Walls;  looking for products that contribute to our health and wellness in our homes. This year I passed on judging but still spotted for Wellness Within Your Walls. And to my surprise, there were a lot of different products that contributed to our health and wellness in my opinion. I think that’s really good news! Now we just have to get better about putting them in our homes as we build, remodel and maintain them.
“The JascoPro Series™ SmartCycle™ lighting ecosystem upgrades the homeowner’s lifestyle through premium illumination and circadian-enhancing features. Lights from kitchen fixtures to bedroom bulbs use dynamic automations to simulate natural sunlight throughout the day — reinforcing healthy circadian rhythms and sleep habits all year long. Smart, streamlined and personal.”
This is really exciting that this lighting system one one of the best of IBS or lighting is so important to our health and wellness and it often times get overlooked. Having lighting that protects and encourages healthy circadian rhythms, and sleep habits is so good for all of us.
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One of the coolest products I saw was a window with a very simplified installation process that will allow one person to complete the installation. This window system from Pella is definitely worth looking into.
We saw building materials that were similar to ICF that would protect homes and the people living there. That’s always a health benefit for a piece of mind. We saw a trim made from composite material that required almost no maintenance and durability to last for a long long time!
Of course, there were lots and lots of smart home products, from Smart, home appliances to Smart, lighting to entire systems to control our homes. We’ve done a number of podcast over the years on Smart home technology, and it continues to grow at a rapid pace.
In the Biz side, so many beautiful and innovative products for our kitchen and baths were everywhere. And particular we adored the retro and brightly colored appliances. We found a bath vanity lined all looks like furniture, and it’s not only beautifully made made to withstand the years, but so clever, with its functionality and the use of  Interior space in the cabinets was truly innovative.
Another product that got a lot of attention this year was one I found found last year called Rainstick. 
All in all there was so much that I learned at IBS this year and so much to still learn. I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me. Please reach out to let me know how I can help you and yours. Have a great Green day!