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green product certification | green home coach

Navigating Green Product Certifications: A Guide to Sustainable Choices

In our quest for healthier, more sustainable living, the choices we make regarding the products we buy play a significant role. However, with an abundance of options claiming to be ...
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sustainable building materials | Green home Coach

Building Better: Exploring the World of Non-Toxic and Sustainable Building Materials

In the ever-changing landscape of home construction, one thing remains constant: the importance of sustainability (remember the definition of sustainability is the ability to support something or keep it going). ...
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air quality | green home coach | marla esser cloos

Unveiling the Secrets to Clean Indoor Air Quality

Imagine your home as a living, breathing organism, and its ventilation system as the lungs that inhale and exhale. These “lungs” bring in fresh air and expel the stale, ensuring ...
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eco-friendly paint | Green home coach | marla esser cloos

For the Health of It – 3 Ways Eco-Friendly Paint Can Help Protect Your Health and Your Home

For the Health of it Our homes are our shelter and refuge and do more than just protect us from the elements.  Our homes are typically a contributor to our ...
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