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workforce development at Build my Future in OKC, OK

3 Reasons Workforce Development is Now a (Big) Part of My Work

When I moved back to Oklahoma City in 2016, I helped get our Professional Women in Building (PWB) council going again. I had learned about the Build My Future program …

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Wellness Remodel Marla and Christy

11 Things We Did in Our Own Wellness Remodel

with Christy Howell of CRH Design Build Remodel, renovate – while there is a technical difference the terms get used interchangeably and that’s fine. When we finally got a chance …

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consumerism - values are like lighthouses

Beliefs, Values and Buying – How to Align Them in Your Own Life

Most of us do not realize how often our beliefs, values, and traditions play out in our lives because they are so deeply entrenched. Have you thought about if your …

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Learn more about the 5 R's of recycling or do without

Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do Or Do Without

My grandmother was a big influence in my growing up years. She was one of the biggest motivators for me getting involved in the green and sustainable world. Grandmother was …

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