Creating a Better, More Energy Responsible, & Sustainable America – Suzanne Shelton

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This time around we gabbed with Suzanne Shelton of the Shelton Group. The Shelton Group is one of, if not the leading marketing agency exclusively dedicated to energy and environmental arena, or sustainability arena. Suzanne started the company 25 years ago when she was 23 years old completely by accident. About 11 years in, she [...]

Green Homes Festival and Green Jean Ponzi

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Gabbing with Green Jean Ponzi of Missouri Botanical Garden’s EarthWays Center. EarthWays is the sustainability division of the Garden, which is well respected around the country for their sustainability and even helps other gardens with sustainability. Jean has long been a pillar of the green and sustainability movement in the St. Louis area through her [...]

Drought Monitoring Plus Performance Based Approach to Water Efficiency

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We Want Energy But We Need Water Marla, The Green Home Coach and Tony Pratte hosts of The Green Gab both love the topic of Water Conservation and Water Efficiency. Water is our most precious non renewable natural resource. The effect of not having enough water is drought.  Advancements have been made in the ability to monitor [...]

Plumbing Industry Promotes Water Efficiency Aesthetically

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The Plumbing Industry Promotes Water Efficiency Aesthetically On Today's episode of The Green Gab, Marla and Tony are joined by special guest Angie Mendica from Crescent Plumbing Supply. The plumbing industry is acknowledging that water is our most precious resource. The plumbing industry promotes water efficiency aesthetically to commercial and residential sides of the market. As [...]

Energy Efficient Innovations

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Energy Efficient Innovations

– as I was listening to the podcast for any final edits to Tony’s write-up, I had a vivid flashback on the topic of home control.  Do you remember the movie PillowTalk with Doris Day and Rock Hudson?  There is a scene in his “bachelor pad” where the stereo turns on, the lights turn off [...]

Sustainability Institute for Educators

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Tuesday June 21 -23 – Sustainability Institute for Educators. If you are an educator or work with education, this is a great way to learn “how to create the conditions necessary to journey toward whole-school sustainability: organizational culture, physical place, and educational program.”