Sustainable Solutions For Water and Landscape On Your Home Site

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Water is liquid gold Water is wonderful stuff and required for life, yet it can also be a huge source of damage and hassle.  Water is powerful stuff – not just in chemical make-up but in its force. In the war between water and rock, water always wins; the Grand Canyon was created through erosion. [...]

The Sustainable Side of Vinyl Siding

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The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is currently more focused than ever the green building movement. This is very important in the resources materials we build with and the standard s and codes we regulated building with. Matt Dobson of the Vinyl Siding Institute joins the Green Gab today. Matt is a past chair [...]

Energy Efficient Innovations

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Energy Efficient Innovations

– as I was listening to the podcast for any final edits to Tony’s write-up, I had a vivid flashback on the topic of home control.  Do you remember the movie PillowTalk with Doris Day and Rock Hudson?  There is a scene in his “bachelor pad” where the stereo turns on, the lights turn off [...]

Photographer May Be Key In Illustrating Rate of Climate Change

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This week I stumbled on a video that was jaw dropping. It was a video about a glacier calving a section about the size of lower Manhattan. Whoa! The video is an excerpt from a documentary called Chasing Ice.  Could a photographer be key in illustrating rate of climate Change? “In the spring of 2005, [...]

Becoming More Sustainable ~ What Makes A Green Home Green

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There are a lot of buzzwords and industry jargon out there! It is hard to decipher the message from all the lingo and buzz words. However, that is not the case with the word sustainability and becoming more sustainable. As we have mentioned in previous conversations, the true essence of sustainability is an inherent quality [...]

Green Economics is the Language of Green Business and Building

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Gabbing about a topic that really gets me excited…Economics! For most people, economics is a misunderstood topic. It’s not just a course we are made to suffer through in college, but it’s a language. You read that correctly. Economics is the language of business! Green Economics is the Language of Green Business and Building. Elliot [...]

Resources and Materials-The Stuff our Homes Are Made of v2

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Resources and materials for building sustainable homes

Once upon a time, people used the resources and materials around them and that is what there homes were made of. As the world has become a smaller place, materials used to build a house may come from anywhere and everywhere. Resources are a key part of the construction of the home. Home builders and home [...]

Sustainability…for men

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Gabbing about sustainability and consumers today. Sustainability… has there ever been a word so misunderstood? Maybe the term “green” is more misunderstood, but that is about it. What does it mean to be a a sustainability consumer? Sustainability consumers are seeking sustainable authentic accountable companies, Some people will always feel these terms are political buzzwords to [...]

Helping Builders Build Green

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Gabbing with Michelle Foster of Home Innovation Research Labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Michelle is the VP of Innovation Services and does a lot of talking with people around the country about building a green home, green building standards and the financial community. As the only child [...]