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Wellness Real Estate is a fast growing segment of our industry! It began with forward-thinking developers intentionally building communities centered on the well-being of residents and has nearly doubled since 2017.  The Global Wellness Institute estimates it is now worth $275 Billion dollars globally.  

What does this mean for agents?  As demand for wellness lifestyle communities increases, there will be a large gap created between older existing homes and new wellness development.  This is a HUGE opportunity to start helping your audience learn how to create a healthier home environment.

We all want healthier homes right? One of the things I love about Sheila from WellnessRE, is that she’s actively working to help find solutions and drive change when it comes to those homes.

You can learn all about WellnessRE and what real estate has to do with healthy homes and healthier lives, just click through to listen now or save for later.

Learn about the many green and wellness home resources there are in your area and create a network of them around you!  You’ll be the wellness real estate industry expert in no time!  



The magazine that explores wellness in real estate.

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