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Green Screen

Superior Air Quality is a woman owned business that is devoted in keeping a happy and healthy breathing environment with American made products.

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The Green Screen Air Filter is a custom-made HVAC filter with a reusable aluminum frame and a replaceable Green Screen. The Green Screen saves on energy costs and HVAC unit wear and tear with better airflow and dust-holding capacity. Frame sizes and types to fit most units and custom sizes available too. 

From Gay and Mickey Harris, owners

We just think that you have the right to breathe clean air in your own home! We are a family and woman-owned and operated business that uses all USA-made components to build our amazing Green Screen air filters. These filters, when compared to the ultra-allergen paper pleated filters you get at the store: collect around 2 times as many particles, last about 2 times longer, have almost 30% better airflow, can reduce allergy symptoms better, and are more convenient! 

The Green Screen air filter is such a time and money saver, and in this economy, every penny counts.


We have Gay Harris as our guest for today’s podcast. Gay and her husband, Mickey, are the founders and owners of a company called Superior Air Quality, and they are the suppliers of Green Screen HVAC Filters. 

The Green Screen is an air filter for your heating and cooling system. It goes into the air conditioning unit in place of either the regular, pleated air filters or any other kinds of filters that are available.

When Gay and Mickey started selling for the Green Screen company, they looked at all the independent studies that had been done on filters, to make sure that there was nothing better available out there. And because of the superior construction of the Green Screen, they did not manage to find anything better.

The Green Screen layers the dirt into the filter according to the size of the particles, so the air can still get through the filter. In the national test, the Green Screen collected about twice as much dirt as the allergen-feeding kind did. And it has thirty percent better airflow!

The residential filters that you can buy at the store either collect particles, because they have tighter woven fabric, or they let the air go through. And neither one is a good solution because if they let the air go through, they also let the dirt go through. And if they collect the small particles, they’re not letting the air go through. So when Gay and Mickey found the Green Screen, they fell in love with it!

Gay and Mickey were able to go off their allergy medicine because the Green Screen helps to remove even the microscopic dirt particles. Their average customers have noticed that there’s about fifty percent less dust in their homes when they use the Green Screen.