Wellness within your walls

Wellness Within Your Walls

Podcast with Jillian early June 2022 https://greenhomecoach.com/healthy-living-system-from-wellness-within-your-walls/

Wellness Within Your Walls is the solution to affordable, accountable, and achievable healthier interior environments. We serve as the bridge between consumers and the building and design communities with a primary goal of providing education on building and designing healthier interior environments.

Our mission

To connect the global family with healthy, eco-sensitive products and strategies that result in beautiful, sustainable, non-toxic environments.

Our vision

To create a legacy of health, harmony and sustainability in living environments.


Our educational programs cover each phase of the design and build process. WWYW believes education is the key to reducing toxins in the interior environment. WWYW offers a large range of educational opportunities focusing on learning how to make responsible decisions before, during, and after the design and build process.


We offer certification for people, places, products, and programs. WWYW’s certification processes encourage a more holistic approach to lowering toxins in living environments. We serve as the bridge connecting consumers with manufacturers, architects, builders, and designers in order to create healthier homes. 


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