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Wellness Within Your Walls Healthy Home Check Up™ and Giveaway

Green Home Coach is excited to let you know about the Wellness Within Your Walls Healthy Home Check Up™ and wellness retreat giveaway! They’re collecting data to help promote healthier interior environments and giving away prizes, too.

Enter to win a free, all-inclusive trip to Canyon® Ranch in Woodside, California, and other prizes. Complete the Healthy Home Check Up™ to automatically be entered for the giveaway. Don’t forget to let Wellness Within Your Walls know that Green Home Coach sent you! Complete your survey today – the giveaway ends July 31st! 

Wellness Within Your Walls – a Green Home Coach Trusted Partner 

The health, safety and comfort benefits we want for ourselves, loved ones and clients come from choosing services, products and actions from trusted companies that share our values. 

Green Home Coach works with companies whose products and services support healthier outcomes, small businesses, women and homes. Wellness Within Your Walls is one of these and we love working with them to promote wellness in homes. 

“Wellness Within Your Walls® provides health and wellness education and certification to the design and homebuilding industries. WWYW’s vision is in creating a legacy of Health, Harmony, and Sustainability in the interior environment. Our mission is to connect the global family with healthy eco-sensitive products that result in beautiful, sustainable, non-toxic environments.” from WWYW LinkedIn page

Wellness Within Your Walls® serves as the bridge between the home buyer and the builder, architect, designer and manufacturers.

WWYW is an “internationally-recognized, award-winning informational resource group created to provide education and guidance on chemicals commonly found in living environments. With a goal to empower and guide consumers and professionals toward healthier living spaces, WWYW certifies people, places, products and programs globally through education and health and wellness protocols. WWYW’s 10-step holistic approach, the Healthy Living System™, results in a legacy of health, harmony and sustainability in living environments”  Wellness Within Your

Wellness Within Your Walls Certification Project

Home buyers appreciate third-party certification because most people don’t fully understand the range of benefits of a healthier, green or energy-efficient house. So they want a third-party certification to prove that the house is truly green and/or energy-efficient. 

WWYW Certification for Health and Wellness

Developers and builders who select WWYW’s third-party health and wellness certification show their clients that they value their clients’ health.WWYW Certification affords developers and builders the opportunity to market and promote their spaces as being healthier than the competition. Certification for new and existing single-family homes, multi-family buildings and amenity buildings accommodates new construction, remodels and resale of existing structures. from

The project I am wrapping up with builder Christy Howell of CRH Design + Build is pursuing Wellness Within Your Walls certification for the home. Certification practices align with many of the practices in the Healthy Home Checklist™and some more building specific practices. Christy and I are excited for our project to be the first Wellness Within Your Walls certified home in Oklahoma. 

The benefits of certified healthier, green and energy-efficient homes

  • They are well-built
  • They are well-maintained
  • They are resilient
  • They have many high-performing assets
  • They get a good return on investment when sold

Wellness Within Your Walls Certified Professional 

To exemplify our commitment to healthier homes, Christy Howell and I earned our Wellness Within Your Walls certified professional designation and are the only ones in Oklahoma with this designation. 

This designation shows our clients that we can guide you in creating a healthier home, be it new construction or a remodel, single family or multifamily. We bring the knowledge of the Wellness Within Your Homes education to your project through Christy’s building services and my consulting offerings. We hope to work with you!



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Wellness Within Your Walls – a Green Home Coach Trusted Partner

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