Water and Using it Wisely

dsc_0009It’s another fun filled day here on the Green Gab! The intellectual partners in Green, Marla Esser Cloos and Tony Pratte, are back on the mic! I really do wish that you, the listener, could experience how magical being able to put your voice across the airwaves feels. Marla and I are truly grateful to have the opportunity to share our view on green homes, green living and green companies with you every week. We learn that Marla is a natural public speaker. Put her in front of a large crowd, and she is right at home. I on the other hand, am not a fan of speaking to a large audience. That may sound strange coming from a person who co-hosts a podcast, but what drew me to this was the intimate setting and one on one or small group conversations where I am most comfortable.

Marla sets up the episode by reminding us all of one of our main goals….to educate the listener on how to ask your builder, contractor, or service provider for what you really want. All homeowners have a vision of what their project really needs to be. It is up to those who are working on the design of the project to really listen and understand what the homeowner is trying to convey. Like a doctor trying to diagnose a patient, we too must figure out what that vision is so the homeowner’s scope of work truly matches wants and needs of the homeowner.

green-gab-play-ghc-300x300When it comes to the “green home”, we are no longer dealing with a fad. As Marla points out, green homes are here to stay. The trend is going toward more green homes in the future, not less. Most people are not cognizant of the fact that St Louis has actually been out in the forefront of the Green Building Movement. In fact, our latest figure from the HBA show over 700 homes have been certified as green homes here in St Louis.

During our recording sessions, there are many times where a conversation will pop up and next thing you know, Marla will build a segment around that idea on the show. Today is one of those examples. World Water Day was back in March, so we decided to talk about water and water conservation today. In St Louis, we do not think about water as much, because water is everywhere! But throughout most of the world, water is precious. Only .00001% of all the water on the earth is available for drinking in any given day. Over a billion people do not have access to clean drinking water a day.

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Some tips from the podcast on water conservation. 1) When shaving….don’t let the water run. 2) When brushing your teeth…don’t let the water run. 3) If faucets, toilets, or shower heads need to be replaced, use a low-flow replacement. Look for the EPA’s WaterSense label and you can’t go wrong. The more cognizant we are of how we use water, the more water we can conserve. In the long run, this is beneficial for our community, and our pocket books!

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