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Happy Holidays to the Green Home Coach Community

Our homes are front and center during the holidays. Treasured decorations and mementoes become part of our holiday experience and our home becomes the stage for many holiday events and gatherings. Yet, our homes are still  our refuge. It’s the place where life happens.  You know, the little stuff that happens every day.  Where you wake up and smell the coffee, where you read your kiddo a bedtime story, scratch your dog’s tummy and all the other little actions that make our houses home.  Ah…home is even more special during the holidays. 

Years ago in our old neighborhood, we would share the holiday spirit with holiday house tours to share holiday cheer and see each other’s holiday homes. It was so fun to see how everyone had a different approach and how much they often fit the family that lived there. In that spirit, I thought I’d share a video of our Christmas Home too. 


Thank You Green Home Coach Community

2023 has been a full year with lots of opportunities for us to connect and find resources and actions for healthier, more comfortable homes for you and your clients. Highlights from my 2023 In Review Video.

  • Sharing offerings with and for our Trusted Partners, including companies such Wellness Within Your Walls, Realty Sage and Elemental Green. If you have not checked out our Trusted Partners resources, I invite you to. Thank you to each of our Trusted Partners for working together to help more people know about how to have healthier homes. 
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences through speaking at the International Builders Show and the EEBA Summit (Energy and Environmental Building Alliance). Workshops, podcast episodes and blogs contributed too. 
  • Partnered with Plenty Mercantile in OKC to host the 1st OK Sustainability Summit. Congratulations to Plenty Mercantile for achieving B Corp Certification this year. 
  • Becoming an NGBS Green Home Verifier to help people achieve green home certification with this program. 
  • Launching the Healthier Home Checklist to introduce you to ways to get started with a healthier home for you and your clients. 
  • Producing a 2nd Construct My Future Construction Camp for 58 middle schoolers in OKC
  • Being part of the team to bring Build My Future OKC to over 1400 Oklahoma high school students to introduce them to the building industry and skilled trades. 


Thank you to our wonderful Green Home Coach Team – all women-led small businesses that work to make things happen at Green Home Coach. 


Still Shopping

The Everyday Green Home Shop and  annual 2023 Green Gift Guide features items from Amazon that we’ve personally curated. As you select gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, find gifts that reflect your values and help take better care of all of us. There’s even more ideas in the Gift and Fun section of the Everyday Green Home Shop. Re-thinking how you gift may be a very meaningful connection and be more sustainable too.  


Happy Happy Holidays and see you in the new year! 

Marla @Green Home Coach