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Welcome to the Everyday Green Home Podcast! Today, I’m happy to be sharing a very humorous podcast that I pulled out of the archives. My frequent co-host, Tony Pratte, and I recorded it in St. Louis, back in the spring of 2017. 

In this show, Tony and I interview Angie Mendica, who works with Crescent Plumbing Supply in St. Louis. We met Angie through the Homebuilders Association in St. Louis, and Angie and I were also together in the Professional Women in Building Council. 

Angie is very funny, and she is a delightful person to have around in any situation! She has been with Crescent Plumbing Supply for about a decade, and her role is to educate people about the benefits of their plumbing products. A big part of what she does is talking about toilets. 

Today’s episode focuses on the quantity of water that we use in our homes. We discuss the importance of saving as much water as possible, and we talk about the benefits of having the right kind of plumbing fixtures and a good toilet. And Angie explains how we can have it all with long-lasting water-efficient plumbing fixtures designed to complement your home and look fantastic. 

Why plumbing fixtures are so important

Water-efficient plumbing fixtures are important because they make it easy for us to use less water, and they help us to waste a lot less water. And having plumbing fixtures that don’t leak and work efficiently helps us with our water goals and saves us money.

A lot of water is used and wasted in America each year

According to the EPA, the average American family uses about 300 gallons of water a day. That adds up to an average of around 109 500 gallons of water per year. We also need to bear in mind that a typical home leaks between 200 and 20 000 gallons each year, and we are paying for it!

Crescent Plumbing Supply offers many different products and services

Crescent Plumbing Supply covers all aspects. Their residential side offers homeowners many different products and services, and they also have a large commercial side.

A timeless product that conserves water

Many homeowners go into Crescent Plumbing Supply looking for timeless, functional products, and they are delighted when they discover that those products also conserve water. 

Kohler toilets

Water-efficient toilets and plumbing have come a long way since the early 1990s. Crescent Plumbing Supply are suppliers of the Kohler toilet. In 2011, Kohler came out with an efficient new water-saving flushing technology with a canister type of flushing mechanism that is very efficient.

The cleanliness aspect

Apart from their bulk removal aspect, Kohler toilets also have a cleanliness aspect that sets them apart from any other one on the market.

Dual flush toilets

Dual flush toilets typically have a half flush option for liquid waste and a full-flush option for solid waste. There have been several different generations of dual flush toilets. Things have progressed a lot since they first came out, and the ones that are available today work very efficiently even though they use very little water.

Kohler product suites

Kohler has product suites available where everything is coordinated and matching. That includes the faucets, the sink, the toilet, the showerhead, and even the recessed mirror, and they come in a variety of different styles.

A lot of engineering goes into creating an efficient toilet

Angie was impressed with one of the engineers at Kohler when she had the opportunity to go there for some training a few summers ago. His job was to engineer the best toilet on the market, and the trainees could flush the toilets he created and those created by engineers from other companies. The trainees were much more impressed with the toilets designed by the Kohler engineer than they were with those designed by their competitors.

Kohler signature stores

There are Kohler signature stores all over the country. There are designed for end-users and they are there to create a buyer’s experience and give people a first-hand example of what their options are.

Educating people about Kohler products

Kohler products constantly get updated, so you can rest assured that all their water-saving fixtures and fittings work extremely efficiently. And they often host educational events to keep homeowners and plumbers informed about their latest products.

A great reason to work with a company like Crescent Plumbing Supply

A great reason to work with a local company like Crescent Plumbing Supply (or a similar local plumbing supply company in your area) is that they understand the systems of plumbing, and they know how all the various parts impact the system as a whole. And they can help plumbers and homeowners to select the very best quality products that will solve all their problems and function efficiently for many years to come.

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