A Place to Dream, Design, and Discover with Sheridan Foster of Elemental Green

I’m excited to share today’s podcast with you! This show originally aired two years ago, back in 2018, and Sheridan Foster, the founder of the digital media company, Elemental Green, is my guest. We have a great conversation today about how Elemental Green makes it easy for you to make sustainable choices that are better for you, which will also enhance your living experience.

Going green is a constant learning curve. Sheridan and I are passionate about everything related to green homes, and we both love connecting people with information. We hope you will enjoy learning about greening your home, and discovering how it will improve your health and wellness, and make your life a lot more comfortable!

The founding vision for Elemental Green 

Sheridan founded Elemental Green with the vision that every home can be a greener home. She created the company as a resource for homeowners, builders, and designers so that they can make every decision, for either a home-build or a renovation, more sustainably.

Elemental Green is a web-based resource

Elemental Green is a web-based resource with a presence on social media. The richest set of information is available on their website, Elemental Green. There, you can see the topics that they’re featuring in either products or educational articles. You can also search the website for a specific product.

The fundamental role of Elemental Green

The fundamental role of Elemental Green is to connect people who are looking for solutions, with real products that are currently available. They partner with various brands and bring their solutions forward to make people aware of them at the very time that they are looking for solutions.

An educational piece

A large part of Elemental Green is an educational piece that is there to assist people in understanding what green means.

An inspirational piece

There is also a beautiful, inspirational piece to Elemental Green, where they show people lovely homes and suggest that they incorporate some of the sustainable features in their homes.

Green is not only about energy

Green is not only about energy. It is also about all the different materials that you bring into your home. So, becoming aware of the chemicals in the products you use, and of how sustainably the things you buy are manufactured and sourced, is a big part of living green.

Going green saves people

Many people think that going green is only about saving the planet. Sheridan clarifies that by explaining that the planet is simply a place for all of us, as people, to live, so going green is just as important for the wellbeing of people.

Helping people understand that the benefits are real

Both Sheridan and I are working hard to help people understand that the benefits of greening are real, and it is also beneficial for their families and their communities.

A great solution to a frustrating problem

Elemental Green was born out of the frustration that Sheridan experienced when trying to make sustainable decisions for her home-build. Every decision involved hours of research to find a list of solutions for ways for her builder to make things greener.

An educational tool 

Initially, Sheridan saw Elemental Green as a potential educational tool for homeowners, and she also saw it as something that architects and builders could use as a simple resource.

New materials

Elemental Green is helpful because it keeps up to date with all the new materials that are coming out every day.

Elemental Green makes it easy to find products     

Elemental Green makes it very easy for you to find green products. It features articles about various green topics, and share links to hook people up with the products that are related to the topic.

Good choices made easy

Sheridan understands that if it’s hard to make good choices, you’re going to go with what you already know. So Elemental Green is there to make it easier for you to make good, sustainable choices.

A better option

Once you know that there’s a better option, there’s no reason not to use it. And you gain so much by having a green, sustainable home.

Sustainable products are good quality

A sustainable product is a quality product, and it will last for a long time, so even if it costs a little more than a conventional product, it’s worth it!

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