The Art of the Science

5.5.16photoThe Art of the Science, building science, that is, plays on bringing different perspectives for a better outcome. Tony and I gab about ways to bring Building Science more into the end result of a house. There are many different components, systems, equipment, materials and processes that go in to a home and a community. Each of these things can be tinted green, often in many ways. Helping both consumers and the industry get this possibility helps green homes become mainstream.

The “Art of the Science” for designing and building a home or structure is the art of combining the knowledge from the science for a better end result. This is even easier to see and understand with a renovation. Renovation – especially of older homes – requires really understanding the science and the way things interrelate to each other for a sound outcome. Many of these outcomes are tied to the benefits we want from our homes, like comfort, healthier and safer. Listen to the full podcast below to find out more about how to get these benefits in your home.

green-gab-play-ghc-300x300For instance, caulking all of the joints and penetrations in a home is a great solution to air seal a home – new or existing – and greatly contributes to the comfort of the residents in their home. With a tighter home, there may now be an impact from chemicals in the paint, adhesives, furniture etc.

I recently experienced this in a place that was advertised as energy efficient (and it seemed to be) yet it had a slight odor and gave me headaches and body aches. This was the opposite of healthier and more comfort.

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Likely, the builder did not pay attention to both sides of the equation – what goes out (fumes, exhaust, etc.) must be replaced by something coming in (fresh air). I call this the “hidden V” in HVAC.  Heating, VENTILATION and Air Conditioning. Ventilation is critical to our human condition and is often times inadequately addressed by heating and cooling professionals. Rather than depending on dirty, wet or unconditioned air coming in through leaks in our homes, we’d rather control how and where fresh air comes in so that is a part of the ventilation system of our homes. There are many ways to accomplish this – we can pursue more another day. Or contact me and we’ll get you a solution!

I’ve not yet talked with anyone that wants a home that is uncomfortable, unhealthy and unsafe. We just don’t always think about it and often, as consumers, just assume that what we are buying will meet our expectations. It’s ok to ask and have a conversation about what you expect. Things like comfort, health and safety are important in our homes and we deserve to know how these expectations will meet when we are updating, repairing or building a home. Building Science professionals can help put together the optimal house to meet the needs of the residents. Many choices allow for a structure which fits individual priorities, needs and preferences. You don’t have to just buy whatever is presented; consumers preferences are showing up in housing choices. The Art of The Science is there to help ensure these expectations are met with the combination of the art and science of building.

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