Foodies Rejoice – Energy Efficient Appliances are It!

IMG_8905Welcome to another exciting day on the Green Gab! The Intellectual Partners in Green, that’s Marla Esser Cloos and Tony Pratte for our new listeners, get to welcome a new guest to the show. It’s spring time, so that means it’s time for projects! That could mean remodeling an existing house, building a new one, or just doing some updates to your most used rooms where you live. Some of the most important items in the home get used every day, and we really don’t think about it. Can you guess what we are talking about? That’s right…appliances! Joan Hart of Autco Home joins us today to help educate us on appliances and help entertain the audience! Get ready to enjoy The Gab!

Joan is originally from upstate New York, then spent some time working in Florida. In those 2 markets, she learned an appreciation for resource efficient appliances. When she moved to the St Louis market in the mid-90’s, she experienced something completely different. Joan had to re-learn how to talk about efficient appliances. Her normal introduction talking about energy efficiency and water efficiency was falling on deaf ears. So much so that a customer once told her “Ain’t likely the Mississippi is gonna dry up.”

green-gab-play-ghc-300x300In St Louis, talking about water efficiency doesn’t really reverberate with homeowners, but discussing the cost of energy sure does. One thing we know for sure is the cost of energy will continue to increase. Today’s consumer and homeowner understands energy efficiency and how it can positively or negatively affect their pocketbooks. How can we decrease our energy usage while cooking? Try induction cooking. In induction cooking, which is electric, the energy goes straight from the generator, thru the cooktop, then into the pot. The only thing that gets heated is the food. No wasted heat dissipating throughout the house. Marla points out a perfect example of unintended consequences, “When you are using a conventional stove to heat the food, you are also heating the house.”

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When trying to find resource efficient appliances, look for the Energy Star and WaterSense ratings. These are from the Department of Energy and the EPA, and those organizations have vetted for performance the appliances that bear those seals. Using 3rd Party verified products is a great way to ensure the customer is getting a resource efficient product. Another great way, is by using local specialty retailers, like Autco Home. Joan lets us know they have 3 locations and they are open to the public, as well as builders. She also informs us, if you are designing the kitchen, make sure you pick out the appliances first before you worry about the rest of the kitchen design. Marla and I are both big proponents of using local experts in all categories connected to construction, versus a big box retailer. Your local expert knows the products, knows the codes, and most likely knows your builder or contractor.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to appliances today. This is good for the consumer. The manufacturers are getting behind more energy and resource efficient choices, so the manufacturers are actually steering consumers toward more efficient models without the consumers really knowing it. We want to keep the majority of consumers with the latest technologies.  One of those latest technologies is the convection oven. Cooking with convection uses less energy and decreases the cooking time, all while producing a superior product.

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