Solar for Our Superheroes – combining community and solar energy

tedx-talk-krissy-s4osGabbing Green today about solar energy and giving back to some everyday heroes. On this podcast I welcome, Krissy Truesdale. She is a remarkable young lady that founded, Solar for our Superheroes. It truly amazes me when I see such young people making huge pathways for the future, and changing the way their communities think about green projects. Krissy started this project when she was still in high school! She is setting the bar for our next generation when it comes to renewability, and giving back to our communities.

How my connection came about with Krissy is so interesting. I actually was at a women’s conference with her mom. We were gabbing about green, and she said, “Oh my gosh! You have to talk to my daughter!” I think she got Krissy on the phone and gave it to me, if I remember correctly. I know it couldn’t have been more than an hour before Krissy and I were on the phone gabbing away about what she was trying to do with her project!


green-gab-play-ghc-300x300This podcast is pretty inspiring when you listen to Krissy tell her story about how she became interested in this solar project, and why she’s giving back to people in her community with it. Not to mention her enthusiasm and passion for Solar for our Superheroes is absolutely contagious!

Listen in to find out more about how Krissy got Solar for Superheroes launched, who she has been able to partner up with in the green industry already, and the big project she has coming up this summer that will make a huge impact on how Massachusetts views green projects. You’ll also get to find out how I am involved in this project!

I so enjoyed gabbing with Krissy! After you listen in on the Green Gab, you can go to Solar for our Superheroes Facebook page to find out how to help with her project. They are currently
trying to get the word out for donations and volunteers. Check them out at .

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