ORMES Muslin Unisex Bathrobe,Turkish 100% Cotton,Soft, Absorbent, Natural Garment Wash


✔ Unisex Bathrobe

★ Men Model Height 74,4 inch Bust 40,2 inch Waist 29,5 inch Hip 38,6 and wear a size L/XL

★ Women Model Height 67,7 inch Bust 33,5 inch Waist 25,6 inch Hips 37 inch and wear a size S/M

✔ Made of 100% cotton muslin ( four layers) fabric

★★ Made in Turkey.

✔ Extra absorbent, soft, lightweight, durable, does not show inside

With pocket and belt

✔ It is produced without using plastic in its raw material and packaging with sustainable life.

✔ Perfect recyclable gift box

✔ Stylish design

✔ Garment Wash . It was washed after sewing to fix the dimensions.

♥ The most special gift for you and your loved ones

★★★ Relaxation is key to a healthy life, and you can’t relax unless you are comfortable. Order this muslin robe today so that you can relax no matter where you are and no matter who is around.

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