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Living Green Effortlessly: A Guide to Sustainable Living for Every Home | Green Home Coach

A Guide to Sustainable Living for Every Home

In today’s world, where environmental consciousness and sustainable living is on the rise, and health and wellness have taken center stage, the choices we make for our homes have never ...
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Green Home Certification | Green Home Coach

Navigating Green Home Certification: A Path to Healthier Living and Increased Value

“Most of what makes a green house green is common sense and quality building practices.” Green Home Coach In the hustle and bustle of modern life, where every decision seems ...
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IBS Products | Green Home Coach

2024 IBS Products

IBS, 2024 was the largest International Builder Show (IBS) and Kay Biz (KBIS) that I had attended in my almost 15 years of going with over 115,000 people attending, wow! ...
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International Builders Show | Green Home Coach | Marla Esser Cloos

Recapping the International Builders Show (IBS)

Recapping the International Builders Show (IBS) and our IBS Education Session about Healthier Homes and Communities The International Builders Show (IBS) is the annual convention, conference, education and expo for ...
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