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The Everyday Green Home Podcast

Living green or sustainability is about more than saving on your electric bill and doing your part to protect natural resources. It is about a safer and healthier life for you and your family without sacrificing style, quality, or budget.

This is a movement to provide all of us with clean air to breathe and water to drink, safe and healthy food to eat and places to live, and energy to run the places where we live, learn, play, and work.

The Everyday Green Home Podcast helps you GET the value of green: for you, your family, and your community. Whether it’s green homes, sustainable living, or stories about the people who make it happen, join us to learn how better practices and products work for you and our world.

The House That She Built with Natalie Miles

  We are facing so many challenges in the labor and workforce and the construction industry right now, and people want to know why there ...
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2 Ways of Addressing the Labor Shortage with Will Blake

  Wicked problems have been a huge part of our lives! Most of us know that the housing market has been a little crazy for ...
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3 Spaces to EcoRenovate with Sheridan of Elemental Green

Eco-renovate is a term a business friend coined while doing a project on a historical building in Chicago, Illinois. We all have the opportunity to ...
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Wicked Problems: “People-ism” – It’s Really All About People with Tony Pratte

  The term wicked problems describes some of today’s most challenging social issues. Wicked problems require a reframing of success because they might never be ...
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An Alternative to Plastic Bottles in Your Bathroom with Lindsey of Plaine Products

An Alternative to Plastic Bottles in Your Bathroom with Lindsey of Plaine Products It can be hard to find good products that also have great ...
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Wicked Problems – Consumerism and Buying with Values with Tony Pratte

  The term “wicked problems” describes some of the most challenging social issues of this time. Those problems require a reassessment of success because being ...
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