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The Everyday Green Home Podcast

Living green or sustainability is about more than saving on your electric bill and doing your part to protect natural resources. It is about a safer and healthier life for you and your family without sacrificing style, quality, or budget.

This is a movement to provide all of us with clean air to breathe and water to drink, safe and healthy food to eat and places to live, and energy to run the places where we live, learn, play, and work.

The Everyday Green Home Podcast helps you GET the value of green: for you, your family, and your community. Whether it’s green homes, sustainable living, or stories about the people who make it happen, join us to learn how better practices and products work for you and our world.

Supporting Good Companies with Suzanne Shelton

Can business be a force for good? There is a huge transition taking place within our culture and society right now. We are seeing some …

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Helping People: The Living Well Toolkit with Tony Pratte

We all care about the health of our family and friends and want them to live in a safe and healthy environment. A few years …

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Smart Home, Connected Home with Tony Pratte

 There seems to be an app for everything right now! Could you imagine downloading an app for your house? Or even a whole bunch …

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Beliefs, Values, and Traditions

Most of us do not realize how often our beliefs, values, and traditions play out in our lives because they are so deeply entrenched. Working …

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Reusing…Almost Everything – My Grandmother’s Legacy with Tony Pratte

Did you know that reusing stuff is back in vogue again? People reuse things for many different reasons. When they do, it always reminds me …

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10 Things to Do Better in Your Next Remodel Project

Houses and buildings are moving like crazy, but supply chains are still nuts! Remodeling has been affected by all the craziness that is going on …

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