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Kerry Langley of HomeBuck$ is a financial math enthusiast. With a career spanning 38 years in mortgage banking, he used to cater to millionaires with complex financial dealings. However, the 2008 recession took him from thriving to struggling and led him to re-evaluate his approach. After talking to a friend who worked at Merrill Lynch, he felt inspired to explore opportunities that could benefit a broader audience. So he transitioned to high-performance homes and green buildings, even though he had limited knowledge about green and energy-efficient concepts.

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Even though Kerry lacked experience in software development, he still embarked on developing a software tool. The result was a groundbreaking tool called TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), which he later trademarked under the name HomeBuck$. This innovative tool aims to empower consumers to live in homes that may seem out of their budget range by optimizing financial aspects.

Through Home Bucks, Kerry demonstrated how buyers could incorporate items like solar panels into their mortgage, lower their interest rates, and ultimately reduce their total cost of ownership without straining their initial budget. His practical approach dismantled the misconception that sustainable living was financially out of reach and reinforced the idea that green choices could, in fact, be affordable.

Kerry helps his clients make informed decisions about their homes, which is their most significant investment. He firmly believes that with careful consideration and a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects, individuals can build long-term, multi-generational wealth through homeownership. His approach also involves smart financial planning.

The Home Bucks model takes several factors into account, including the price of a home, the commission structure, the current home performance, and potential improvements in energy efficiency and sustainability. It aims to calculate the total cost of ownership while considering all of those elements.

A key aspect of the Home Bucks model is its ability to lower interest rates, which significantly impacts the overall cost of homeownership. By optimizing various financial factors, Home Bucks can often reduce interest rates by one to one-and-a-half percent, resulting in substantial long-term savings for homeowners.

The Home Bucks model is unique in that it has the ability to transform people’s financial outlooks while also enhancing the feasibility of green and energy-efficient homeownership.



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