Home Inspection – Not Just for Real Estate Transactions with Stacey Page

Home inspections. Do you ever give them a second thought?

Most people only ever think about home inspection when buying or selling a property. However, the truth is that you will benefit from a proper home inspection because it will allow you to live in a healthier and more comfortable home environment.

I’m Marla, the Green Home Coach! Today, I’m excited to introduce a remarkable Oklahoma City lady I recently had the pleasure of meeting. Stacey Page is a home inspector who brings a unique perspective to the field. She joins me on the show to discuss the importance of home inspection for our daily lives.

Becoming a Home Inspector

Stacey started home inspecting about two years ago, working with her husband in the company he started five years ago. She initially helped with the administrative side of the business, but her passion for homes and woodworking led her to shadow her husband and eventually become a home inspector herself. She did the necessary nine months of training, passed the state test, and has been doing inspections with her husband for two years.

Women in home inspection

Stacey believes that many women feel intimidated by home inspection due to the male-dominated construction industry and the perception that women have less knowledge about home maintenance and functioning. However, she emphasizes that women have the capability to learn and can bring a different insight and perspective to the job.


Stacey acknowledges that home inspection can be dirty and uncomfortable, with hazards such as spiders and unpleasant environments. However, she assures that there are ways to protect oneself, such as wearing coveralls, booties, and gloves. Despite encountering some dirty and unpleasant situations, Stacey has also inspected immaculate houses.

Why regular home inspections are important

Regular home inspections are essential to catch issues early on before they become major problems. Inspections can reveal problems like moisture build-up between window panes, overflowing condensate lines, and active leaks. Those issues can lead to wood rot, termites, mold, and other expensive problems if not caught early enough. Even if a homeowner is already aware of an issue and has attempted to fix it, it is still necessary for inspectors to thoroughly check the area to ensure there are no remaining issues.

The biggest reason for people to have a home inspection

The most important reason is the health and safety of your family and having a healthy home. A home is one of the biggest investments in people’s lives. Issues can arise with new builds due to contractors cutting corners. Home inspections and maintenance are essential for ensuring the home is safe and efficient.

The long-term costs of maintaining a home 

We must consider the long-term costs of maintaining a home and not just the initial cost. Homeowners need to be educated on how to maintain their homes because small issues, like failing caulking, can lead to larger problems like flooding.

The unique thing about Stacey’s company

One thing that sets Stacey and her husband’s company apart from others is that after something they point out gets repaired, they go back and re-inspect the home for free to check that the job was properly done.

A wellness check for your home

Having your home inspected every few years is a bit like going to the doctor for a wellness check.

Potential issues and safety

It is essential to address potential issues in a house, such as roof problems, moisture, mold, termites, mildew, and electrical hazards, and to have safety measures such as smoke detectors in place to avoid potentially life-threatening situations.

A clear understanding

Stacey’s company aims to provide clients with a clear understanding of the condition of their homes without using scare tactics. They categorize issues into normal, minor, and major, so their clients can prioritize their concerns. The goal is to help clients feel safe, comfortable and informed about purchasing a home.

Selecting a home inspection company

Real estate agents may recommend home inspectors they are loyal to or have a habit of using, but it does not always mean they are the best. Homebuyers should do their research and ask questions before blindly trusting the recommendation. Look up the company and read reviews to ensure a quality inspection. Some inspectors have hidden fees, so be aware of what services are included and what the total price will be. It is important to educate yourself and not blindly trust or choose based on price alone.

Have a great green day!

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