Green Gab Launched…and more to come

marla-tonyGreen Gab – the podcast for gabbing with women rocking it in green – green homes, green living and green companies.  The first airing launched last Friday Feb 12 at 10am CT Friday!  Listen in on the Green Gab feed.

OMG did we have fun recording the podcasts.  A huge THANK YOU to Lorilee Cummings of Keller Williams Realty and Stacy Isermann of STL Rent A Box for being my very first guests.


The three of us had a blast getting the green conversation started with how easy and inexpensive it can be to begin moving in a green direction. Women, who are often the ones who do the homework and make decisions for the home, have a real influence on greening their lives and the lives of their families. The conversation had a new flavor with Lorilee’s 20 years of real estate experience and Stacy’s work with their no-waste packing and moving solution. Our fun fact of the day is that research is showing that baby boomers are often the key drivers of green homes, not just millennials.

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If you would like to join me on a podcast episode, please get in touch with me.  I am looking for guests to talk about their experiences with green homes and green living – in their business or personal lives.

Every week on iTunes and The Everyday Green Home Podcast, get the gab with us as we share what we’ve done, as well as tips for greening up your home, your job, your family and your life! Get in on the gab for why green matters – to you, your family and friends and your community.

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Get in on the gab for why green matters – to you, your family and friends and your community.