Delta Breez Bath Fans for Ventilation with Dave Miller

We have Dave Miller, from Delta Electronics, joining us today to talk about bathroom ventilation and bath fans.

Ventilation is very important, yet it’s something that’s often overlooked.

About Delta

Delta Electronics came out of Taiwan and they have been going for almost fifty years. They are a very diverse firm, with a core philosophy of energy efficiency, good stewardship of the environment, and a green approach.

Diversity within Delta Electronics

What Dave enjoys about Delta is their diversity. And he loves what they’re able to bring to the party, intellectually, through Delta’s many different divisions.

Delta is the world’s largest brushless DC motor manufacturer. They are the largest manufacturer of power supplies on the planet, and they do EV charging stations for hybrid vehicles and plug-in cars. They also get into projectors as well as several other diverse and complementary categories, including bath fans.

Dave explains that at Delta, they are truly communal in the way that they approach solutions.

Delta started its Delta Breez division ten years ago.

About bathroom fans and ventilation

Dave points out that the ventilation is like the lungs of the house because it gets rid of all the odors, moisture, cooking smells, molds, and mildew. With everyone staying at home during the pandemic right now, there is a lot more potential for pollution, moisture, and toxins in our indoor environment.

Moisture is the enemy of your home, and most of the moisture in our homes comes from the bathroom. The moisture from the bathroom drifts out into other areas of the home, so the bathroom ventilation is particularly important. Bath fans are one of the key elements to having cleaner and better air to breathe in our homes.

How Delta entered the bath fan manufacturing business

At Delta, they truly utilize their brilliance as DC (direct current) motor manufacturers when it comes to building their very energy-efficient DC brushless motors.

Delta’s founder Bruce Cheng suggested that the company start manufacturing bathroom fans because they were already making the best DC motors on the market. At the time, DC motors were such a novelty in the bathroom fan business because they were more expensive. But with Delta’s engineering prowess and manufacturing capabilities, the company became the first in the industry to exclusively use only DC motors in its exhaust fans – setting a new standard for energy efficiency and reliability.

This became a game-changer for Delta because, with their DC motors, their bath fans use a whopping 75 percent less energy than a fan with an AC motor would.

Bath fans are the solution for the future

Talking about bath fans makes Dave wax evangelical because they represent the future for him, and he feels that we have to preach where we’re headed.

He explains that in the future, we’re going to have to learn to consume less and provide more. And bath fans from Delta are the solution because they can provide effective and essential ventilation for your home while saving lots of energy with their quiet, energy-efficient, long-lasting DC motors.

Low-sound motors

The DC motors that Delta provides have a long life, they’re very efficient, and they are also the quietest motors in the entire bathroom ventilation industry.

Dave points out that a loud fan is an ineffective fan because it never gets turned on!

Changing the air in the home

Dave tells us that a rule of thumb in any tight, efficiently sealed home is that one-third of all the air needs to be changed out every hour, on the hour. So that every three hours, all the air in the whole house has been changed out. And bath fans provide an effective, precise, and valuable way of doing that.

Providing the perfect solution

Delta looked into the commercial/ industrial side of their business and they applied what they found there to the residential side of the business. And now, Delta’s motors, with their long-lasting, energy-saving, and quiet DC technology, provide the perfect solution for reliable bathroom ventilation.

Delta’s commitment to being energy-efficient

Delta’s commitment to being energy-efficient while providing excellent solutions, coupled with the innovative way that they have combined all their in-house technology, has earned them the Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for five years in a row, and a Sustained Excellence award for three years in a row!

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