Solar Energy with Dane Glueck of Straight Up Solar and Home Efficiency with Paul Peterson of Peterson Energy

A Everyday Green Home Podcast – Recorded Live at the St. Louis Home & Garden Show 

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Dane Glueck and Paul Peterson with Straight up Solar and Peterson Energy

Gabbing in St. Louis at the St. Louis Home and Garden Show with special guest Paul Peterson with Peterson Energy Consultants, they try to solve comfort issues in energy issues in existing homes. Things like drafts, increases in utility bills, and too much dust are all things that can be resolved in existing homes aging from 10 years old to 40/50 year old homes to improve indoor air quality and energy needs in those homes.

Indoor air quality is a big issue right now

Indoor air quality is a big issue right now for people’s’ health, as in allergies and asthma and that can change depending on the air quality control you have in your home. Say if your allergy sensitive and you have an attic fan that has grills and opens to the attic because it’s not airtight. This creates an opportunity for air to move between the attic and the house. In a lot of cases, the resolution would be to take the attic out and drywall it and seal it off because people’s allergies changed from the days the fan was being used all the time, just one example of quality air control. Say if you have problems in your basement, bay window bottoms that leak, anywhere where there could be mice or bugs coming in can all be taken care of with air sealing methods with foam.

People really want a home that looks good and performs well.

Dane Glueck who is the President and Owner of Straight up Solar which has been around since 2006. At Straight up Solar they are looking to create solutions for people in their home or business by utilizing solar to save energy, help the environment, and talk about growing a solar tribe. Striving to motivate all people whether it be in your home or your community to see the bigger picture in clean energy. Doing solar wonderfully isn’t as special as it used to be and that’s great that’s what they wanted to do. They have worked hard to make solar as the mainstream idea and they don’t have to sell the idea of it anymore they just need to connect with people that are next level, tribal level doing something they really want to do and that’s how the tribe is built. The people who spread the good news and connect with their people and community. Straight up Solar has been currently doing that on multilevels right now. For example, in Madison County Illinois they are doing a group solar purchase program, and through this group purchase program they are standardizing the offering for customers helping with the price and connecting with the community and loading leadership through that as well. This isn’t the first community Straight up Solar has worked with and many others were success as well, it’s been a great win for everybody.



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