Plumbing Industry Promotes Water Efficiency Aesthetically

The Plumbing Industry Promotes Water Efficiency Aesthetically

On Today’s episode of The Green Gab, Marla and Tony are joined by special guest Angie Mendica from Crescent Plumbing Supply. The plumbing industry is acknowledging that water is our most precious resource. The plumbing industry promotes water efficiency aesthetically to commercial and residential sides of the market.

As an outside sales leader with Crescent Angie does this by educating her customers of the benefits and value of water efficiency. Also, that it can be easily achieved while also maintaining the aesthetic beauty we have all come to desire in our bathrooms and kitchens. Angie states with humorous insight ” Plumbing products you interact with through out the day and people don’t put any level of importance on those products you just expect them to work” Angie shares a great program the Kohler rolled out combining water conservation and innovative design that has been recognized by the EPA Water Sense. This is a great example of industry and consumer win – win. The industry steps up and addresses a resource concern and then educates the consumer on the benefits of this resource conservation. In turn the industry also listened to the consumer and  through innovation created appealing products that are also water efficient.

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Water Is Our Most Precious Non Renewable Resource

Tony is very passionate about water as a precious non renewable resource and has written about the subject. It is something we simple are just not reminded of or educated enough about in the main stream. As a result, we are generally not ingrained with water conservation behaviors. So as we learn to turn the water off while brushing our teeth or shaving, it is supportive and refreshing to have an industry that is designing products and solutions to support us in our efforts! Not only that, but it is also fantastic to have an industry so eager to educate consumers whether it is residential or commercial on the benefits, and options available to them. As Marla so perfectly stated the value of  “how water  and plumbing fixtures are such an important part of our water conservation efforts. It’s not rocket science it’s just plumbing but it can pack a lot of conservation, efficiency, and function while looking fabulous! It is also more attainable than you think so not waiting until there is a plumbing “emergency” can a lot more cost effective and a whole lot less stressful.

  Easy Low Cost Projects

Changing out and older toilet can be one of the easiest ways to get started. There are rebates available from most water providers that will cover a decent portion of the cost. Kohler as well as others off Dual Flush technology meaning there are 2 flush methods using a button and typically there is a half flush button for liquid waste only and a full flush button for solid waste.

Knowledge is Power

However, dual is great if its a 1.2 flush but if its a 1.6 gallon per flush toilet you’re not going to get the full benefits especially when it comes to the money. Not only that but too many of us remember back in the 90’s when the first “efficient toilet” came out. Many had smaller tanks but they hadn’t re-engineered the mechanics effectively so a lot of people didn’t think they worked efficiently. The good new is over time with innovation and advances in technology things have changed vastly for the better. Not just from Kohler but an excellent example of tremendous product that works exactly like they said it would, it is well priced, a great value for the money, and is made in the US so its supporting people in our country!

So the next time you have some spare time consider investigating your local plumbing supplier an pick  just 1 item and take a moment to see and learn about how this industry is making it effectively and efficiently conserving water just lovely.


Crescent Plumbing Supply

EPA Water

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