High Performance Homes with Matt Belcher of Hibbs Homes and Heating & Cooling with Pat Dodd of Dawson Dodd Heating and Cooling

High-Performance Homes with Matt Belcher of Hibbs Homes and Heating & Cooling with Pat Dodd of Dawson Dodd Heating and Cooling 


Still at the St. Louis Home & Garden Show gabbing with Matt Belcher from Hibbs Homes. Matt has worked with Hibbs Homes, built his own homes and is also a published author. His book is called Build Green and Save, Saving the Earth and your bottom line, a book written for builders trying to get over the connotation of green and really how to incorporate the practices in your business.

 His message to people in the industry especially builders was it’s not rocket science, maybe a little building science but if he can figure it out everyone else can too. Matt started out as a code official, strong building codes background grew up in the business and had a lot of experience in the business. As green building was starting to become popular in the industry and the consumer market he was working with code issues with the NAHB when someone asked if he would sit in with a group trying to focus on developing some guidelines for builders to use. That is when he realized he did all that they were brainstorming about at the time. It’s common sense type stuff and a lot of it was being efficient to be cost-effective.Like everything else we do in our lives, anything we give attention to, we tend to do better at and there is no difference when building a home. The ability to build better homes today compared to 10 years ago, it is so much easier to build a better home today because of the products out there now. “Rising tides raise all boats” Matt Belcher

Pat Dodd with Dawson Dodd Heating and Cooling still at the St. Lousi Home and Garden Show. They heat and cool the impossible, they go after jobs or insulations that a lot of contractors walk away from. Based on the ber newly principle is how it cools a room, they are exceedingly efficient. The average unit uses about the same amount of energy as running your refrigerator. There is a wall mount unit that can throw the air as far as 30 feet across the room so you can do large areas. There is a floor mount unit because some people don’t like the wall mount and that will blow the air down or up it’s a cassette model. These units meet the amberin rebate qualifications so the average searsness is at least 20 SER. Season allergy efficient rating is what SER was bases on by the AHRI who determines the efficiency of systems and if they qualify under the guidelines for rebates. The higher the SER the more efficient. The minimum now is 14 used to be 13 SER. There are a lot of homes that have no ductwork so they have to design a system where they can air condition from the top down because if you try to air condition from the bottom up doesn’t remove the heat from the ceilings resulting in warmer 2nd floors in 2 story homes.


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