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Green Gift Guide 2022

We have curated a Green gift guide to help you shop sustainably this holiday season! Here are our top favorites in multiple categories and more can be found over on the Everyday Green Home Shop! Happy Holidays!


Books & Notebooks

Rocketbook | Green Gift Guide | Green Home Coach

  • Rocketbook
    • My Rocketbook is almost always with me. I love hand writing my notes (helps me to process) yet wanted a way to file them and not accumulate notebooks. I’ve given a few as gifts too!
  • Living Green Effortlessly by Marla Esser Cloos
    • It’s still hard to realize I wrote a book. I wrote it to help you live even better in your home and discover simple swaps to make it happen over time or all at once.
  • The House That She Built
    • The House That She Built children’s book is about a real-life home designed, built and marketed by an all-women team. It’s a great story and a great way to share the home building process and careers with our young readers.

For Her:

Vera Bradley | Green Gift Guide | Green Home Coach

For Him:

Solar Charger | Green Gift Guide | Green Home Coach

Family Games

Green Monopoly | Green Gift Guide | Green Home Coach

Stocking Stuffers:

Beeswax Wrap | Green Gift Guide | Green Home Coach

  • Silicone Straws
    • My husband carries a reusable straw with him since it is easier to drink with one after a nerve issue. It’s easier to drink out of and we don’t have to keep throwing out single-use straws.
  • Beeswax Food Wraps
    • Beeswax food wraps are great for keeping food fresh without getting tangled up in plastic Saran Wrap.
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm
    • I always have one of these lip balms with me!
  • The Original Slinky
    • This classic toy was a big hit when I was growing up and still provides lots of entertainment to kids and adults alike.

House & Home

Fab Habitat Rug | Green Gift Guide | Green Home Coach


Wooden Tool Box for Kids | Green Gift Guide | Green Home Coach

  • Adjustable Telescope
    • A telescope for kids made out of hardy and sustainable bamboo. Adjustable focus makes it perfect for watching nature for kids 5 and up. 
  • Bubble Bath w/ Play Wand
    • For the babies in our lives, this bubbly shampoo and body wash is plant-based, skin friendly and no more tears. The light calming scent is perfect before bedtime.
  • Wooden Tool Box & Tools
    • What kid does not like to pretend build stuff? This all wood tool box and tools will provide instructional fun for all kinds of “building” projects.


We hope our Green Gift Guide helps you find something eco-friendly for everyone on your list! There are many more sustainable items over on the Everyday Green Home Shop if more options are needed! Happy Holidays!