Green Gab Live At STL Home Show

Live Mobile Podcast From STL Home Show Tony and myself, Marla, would like to invite you to see a Green Gab podcast recording with us live at the St. Louis Home & Garden Show. That’s right! The Everyday Green Home Podcast Live From The STL Home Show! But first, more about the Everyday Green Home Podcast and what we are up to.

Come See Us At The STL HomeShow


The Everyday Green Home Podcast will be recording podcast episodes from a mobile podcast studio, housed in a 1978 VW Beetle, at the St. Louis Home & Garden Show March 9-12, 2017.  Thank you to the HBA of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri for working with us to make this fun project possible.

Green Gab Mobile Podcast Live From STL Home show

I am the creator of the Everyday Green Home Podcast and with co-host, Tony Pratte of The Sound Room, we have recorded over 40 episodes to date. They have been a blast to record and we are having fun inspiring and educating listeners with over 10,000 downloads of all the program episodes so far. You can check out our episodes online at the Everyday Green Home Podcast page or find us on iTunes.

At the 2017 St. Louis Home & Garden Show, we will be recording 3 full episodes (about a half hour for each finished podcast episode) each day of the show. The episodes will release on our web sites and iTunes in late spring and early summer 2017. The HBA will also have links to the episodes to share with members and others.

Look For Live Podcast

Recordings will take place in Booth #1039 in the Green Pavilion. It is titled “Live Podcast” on the exhibitor map. The mobile podcast studio, or Podcast Bug, is a green VW 1978 Beetle with the recording equipment in the front trunk. The Podcast Bug is the creation of Mike Wilkerson of 2 Guys Talking Podcast Network, who also works with us to produce and distribute the Everyday Green Home Podcast.

Each day of the St. Louis Home & Garden Show will feature a different theme for our guests. We have partnered with the St. Louis HBA to invite podcast guests who highlight the theme, are participating in the 2017 St. Louis Home & Garden Show and are HBA members.

  • Thursday March 9 HBA Leaders, Staff and Industry
  • Friday March 10 Green Pavilion and Builders
  • Saturday March 11 Women in Building
  • Sunday March 12 Lawn & Garden

Special Guest

Our guests simply contribute about an hour of time and great conversation about their work to inspire and educate our listeners. Podcasts recorded at the STL Home Show will release this spring or summer.  We encourage you to share them with your audience too.

We hope you will be able to join us at the St. Louis Home & Garden Show and learn more about our guests, companies in the HBA, and how we serve our community.

Have questions about green homes and green living? Ask me HERE and the join me on the Green Home Coach’s Facebook page Tuesdays at 11:11am CT to get your questions answered via Facebook Live. See you there.

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