Business as a Force for Good – B Corporations with Gail Garey


What if you could run your business in such a way that it was actually good for society? A Force For Good! That’s what Gail Garey, founder of Impact 360 Strategies says she wants to do. Her love of the outdoors and corporate background set up this work with B Corporations- those companies who are pledging themselves as forces against social isolation through innovation or environmentalism or some other positive cause -and not just making money off people’s needs.

Gail’s mission is to guide and empower business professionals around the world with her expertise in environmentally friendly, socially responsible sustainable practices. She provides tips for individuals looking at greening their company while also sharing information about how we can all make an impact on this important issue ourselves!


Gails bio

Gail is the founder of Impact 360 Strategies. Her mission is to guide and empower business professionals to accelerate environmentally friendly and socially responsible sustainable business practices that improve the bottom line and create positive social change.


Gails background

Gail’s background is in corporate work. She left her job a few years ago to pursue an exciting new opportunity that’s better aligned with what she loves.


Natural therapy

Nature has always been a source of therapy for Gail. Whether it’s running outside or going hiking with her dogs, skiing cross-country in winter, and garden work during summer – the natural world provides peace that she can’t find anywhere else.



When Gail interviewed Marla some time back for a video series that she was hosting, the idea for sending a  bi-monthly email newsletter emerged. The email contains tips about what all individuals can do as part of individual efforts to empower themselves while also protecting our planet.


Important work taking place

There are a lot of really great things happening in environmental space these days, from fighting climate change to researching new solutions and taking actions on the corporate level, and especially at the individual level!


Consulting business

Gail, a seasoned management professional, and environmentalist, is excited to launch her consulting business, Impact 360. Strategies shared will provide guidance in taking environmentally-friendly practices from concept through implementation with the goal of improving bottom lines as well creating positive social change.



We all have the opportunity to make a difference in our health and in that of the planet. By making mindful choices, we can improve what it means for us now as well as influence future generations.


B corporations

One of the reasons Gail loves the B Corporation movement is because it allows us, as consumers and investors, to make informed decisions about which companies we support.


B corporation awareness

Part of what Gail’s consulting firm focuses on is increasing the awareness of people about the B Corporation movement and working with purpose-driven companies that want to become certified as B Corporations.


What is a b corporation?

  • B Corporation is the certification of a company.
  • B Corporations are companies that marry profits with purpose. They are committed to working for environmental and social benefits, as well as making a profit.
  • A rigorous, independent, third-party verification process with the non-profit entity, B Lab ensures that those companies meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, legal accountability, and transparency. The successful companies get a logo to inform people that they are, indeed, B Corporations.


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