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2019-2020 Guest Appearances – Blogs, Articles, and Workshops

I know you’ve seen the memes about 2020, and many people have found 2021 to be just as abnormal and chaotic. One thing is for sure though, no matter what is going on in the world around us, we can always count on our homes to be our constant place.


Helping you make the most of your space has always been my focus. Whether it’s educating on simple, affordable changes you can make, or teaching home building and real estate professionals so they can help their clients create healthier homes, I’m here for it all.


Leading up to and all throughout 2020, I had the privilege of many guest appearances in blogs, articles, live workshops, and virtual events. As people began spending more time in their homes, the demand for this information increased and continues to do so. After all, health is on an upward trend! Take a peek below to see what we covered during those guest appearances. You may learn something you can address when it comes to creating healthier homes!


   1. Make the Most of the Outdoors


If you’re a home builder, home remodeler, or another home professional, set yourself apart by going above and beyond for your clients, not just indoors, but outdoors as well. Check out several suggestions that fall under green home certification practices in my article, “Make the Most of the Outdoors”, featured in the Green Home Builder Magazine.


   2. Land Roofing, OKC Blog by Kirsten Land


Do you tend to see dollar signs flying away when thinking of healthier, more efficient changes for your home? You’re not alone. This is actually one of the myths tied to green homes. See what I’m talking about in my conversation with Land Enterprises Roofing.


We discuss what a “green home” really means, why you should be concerned with making green changes in your home, and what sort of costs you’re looking at to make with those changes. We also touch on how to determine if a product is good for your home and family. Give this one a read to rectify any stereotypes or misconceptions you might believe that are widely associated with the term “green”.


   3. Green Living, the Oklahoman


You can live anywhere in the nation and find healthier home tips relevant. But if you happen to call Oklahoma City “home”, then you can attend one of my live events. One recent opportunity for my Oklahoma neighbors was my live workshop, “Simple Choices for Going Green”, at the Oklahoma City Home + Outdoor Living Show.


To help spread the healthier home message even further, the Oklahoman created a fantastic write-up for the workshop, summarizing each of the topics we covered. This is a great resource if you’re curious about how to approach creating a healthier, “greener” home. I highly recommend giving it a read!


   4. The OKC Women’s Expo with a Cause  


The Oklahoma City Women’s Expo was another local event where I had the opportunity to share with people who reside in and around Oklahoma City. Those who attended dove in as we discussed what really matters to people when it comes to their homes.


If you’re local to the Oklahoma metro, follow me on IG or FB so you don’t miss the next event!


   5. Speaker at the National Association Realtors Conference 2019


If you’re in real estate, you’re probably constantly thinking of how to add value for your clients. One of the best services you can provide is to help them find a home that will be healthier and more comfortable for their families. For your sellers, it might mean recommending healthier options when prepping for the market that will yield great returns when it comes to sale value and marketability. That means educating yourself on what makes a green home green.


I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at the 2019 Realtors Conference where I was able to share this information with agents from all over the country. And guess what? You don’t need a time portal to reap the benefits of this conference! The National Association of Realtors still provides playback access here.


Are you a realtor who’s interested in helping your clients find homes that may be healthier, safer, and more comfortable? Do you want to learn how to highlight those features to help you sell homes more quickly and for more value? Then this is a great resource for you!


   6. National Kitchen and Bath Association Webinar and the Ivy Webinar for Designers


Our clients want homes that look great, feel great, and perform well. An Everyday Green Home is just that and impacts daily life through health, comfort, and performance. While designing green does not need to be hard, it does require attention to detail and careful planning to ensure the needed elements are met. These webinars covered why green in design matters, the basics of a green home, and how to accomplish it. If it sounds interesting to you, we can discuss getting a webinar set up for your organization as well!


Whether you’re looking to improve your household eco-footprint, or simply want to make your home a healthier place to live, there are many ways to accomplish that goal while still saving money. It’s about making simple, practical changes that will lead to long-term comfort and longevity for your home.


If you serve professionals in the home industry and want to help them help their clients meet those healthier, greener goals, reach out! I’m available for in-person and virtual appearances, article features, and am currently accepting sponsorship inquiries for my Everyday Green Home podcast. I look forward to working with you in the future. In the meantime, check out my resources. You can also find loads of value on my podcast. And hey, thanks for hanging around, I hope you found this helpful!


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