Women Will Drive the Green Building Wave

How women will influence green homes and green homebuilding.

The green homebuilding wave is here and women are asking for more! Women, in particular, want the many benefits offered by green homes and recognize that a green home is much more than “just” energy and cost savings but provide an all-around better place to live. Realizing the buying power of women, the building industry is beginning to provide homes that women are clamoring for. Through improved health and safety features, increased comfort and convenience, less upkeep and lower operating and maintenance costs, builders and remodelers are realizing green homes provide women the value and benefits of a better place to live. Women, in turn, realize smarter greener homes affect not only their own homes but the community and even the world.

Read the full article at https://greenhomebuildermag.com/women-will-drive-the-green-building-wave-in-2016/

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