Are You Winterized For This Season?

I live in a three-story town-home that is almost 25 years old. It has older metal windows that I have discovered are pretty leaky. I also discovered last year during the polar vortex that they can get really cold. Matter of fact, if some of you read my blogs last year you will remember me showing you pictures of all the ice on my windows during some of those really cold days.

So this year, I decided to get ahead of the game and winterize my windows so I could be more comfortable for the predicted cold coming this season. Good thing I did it too, we got our first snow just a few days ago! Who would’ve thought?

How to Winterize Your Windows

To weatherize my windows I purchased some of the window film insulation kits that I’ve been seeing in the big box hardware stores. I ended up buying both a heavy duty and the regular version simply because of the size of my windows. It was really easy to install. I just read the directions and did what they told me to. Once you tape the window film to the windows, blow dry it a little to get the film stretched tight. 

Just a few days after covering my windows in my family room, temperatures plummeted to 30° and temperatures in the teens in November. Unheard of for the St. Louis area in November! I have to admit that my family room was much more comfortable with the window film installed. Far fewer drafts and just the amount of cold coming off my windows was dramatically reduced. In the morning when I raise my insulated blinds, I don’t feel the whoosh of cold air that I had last winter. I am looking to do the rest of the house over the holidays as I believe it will help to keep the entire home more comfortable over this winter.

If you have windows that you feel are little leaky you’re not up to par, winterizing your windows with this insulation window film could be an excellent option for you this winter. It certainly costs a lot less than some of my other options and I believe it will give me a much more comfortable home to enjoy this winter. 

Check out these great resources for other weatherization tips at Do-It-Yourself Window Weatherization and Earth 911.

More green resources are available at Everyday Green Home.

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pat November 25, 2014, 11:03 am

Nice! and great idea… wonder if my husband will let me try this on our windows;)

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