What Symptoms Does Your Home Have?

121216blogThe weather has finally changed and it seems we went straight from summer to winter – sheesh! It is COLD today and my body has definitely not adjusted yet. I am guessing that lots of other people have not yet acclimated either, especially if the number of people sniffling and sneezing is any indication.

The sudden onslaught of colder (ok, its just plain cold) weather also means a change in how a home may feel. I keep my home cooler in the cold weather and dress a little warmer and cozy up with a hot tea. Now that the heat is on consistently we have found a few hot spots and will be working to balance the output of heated air in our rooms. I am sure we will have more things to tweak as we learn more about how our house functions.

Depending on how your home was built, how it’s positioned and a whole lot of other factors, your home may still be a bit of a mystery to you. I lived in a home once that whenever I sat on the floor in our main living area in the winter, I’d get a cold draft up my backside. Since this was before I understood the basics of building science, it took me a while to figure it out. The room had a beautiful bay window cantilevered out over the basement. Unfortunately, there was no air sealing or insulation in the cantilever so the air just rolled on in. Fortunately, it is a pretty easy fix.

Does your home have its own symptoms? Rooms that are too cold or too hot?  Drafts? Other comfort issues? Without a little building science, it may be challenging to figure out what’s causing the symptoms. That’s where building science experts and energy auditors come to the rescue.

A few thoughts to get you started.

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