Want to Know How to Talk Green?


Part of what I get to do is be involved with organizations in support of women, homes, green or some combination of the three!  Staying educated and involved provides me with great opportunities to better serve.  In the spirit of better serving, our last e-mail post talked all about “How To Talk Green with Your Builder or Remodeler”.  If you did not make it to the blog, you missed the video leading to a conversation you can have about the value of “green” in a home.

This short video offers the highlights of the presentation “How to Talk Green with your Builder or Remodeler.”  In this presentation, get tips on how to use the language of benefits to communicate your top priorities to your build team.   Benefits provide a more direct communication of priorities, as well as tie the features and “tech jargon” with the benefits you desire. You will discover it’s the value of the benefits, not the green features that make the house your home.


If you’d like to see the entire 20 minute presentation, it’s posted on the HomeNav YouTube channel along with videos about basic building science, green topics and more.  What is important to you in your home?  Is it safety, health, comfort and so on?  I’d like to know.  Just leave a comment below to start the conversation.


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