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052716BlogBAs I listened (again) to the Green Gab podcast about Preserving History…with Kate Ewing, I was so struck by how much we kept coming back to talking about how our actions exemplified what is important to each of us. This “walk your talk” arises in all parts of our lives and now that I’m paying attention to it, it truly shows up everywhere. To me, “walk your talk” is all about integrity – living up to what you say is important to you and taking actions in line with this. As we near election time, this has definitely become a key element of discussion.

Walking your talk is important for companies and organizations, as well as individual people. For more and more of us, how a company conducts their business is an important factor in whether or not we will buy their product or service.

This is exemplified in our conversation with Kate. Kate wanted a home that offered the benefits of energy efficiency and value of preserving a piece of architectural history. Kate found this in a home renovated by Patty Maher of Tiger Lily Development, who specializes in St. Louis historic energy efficient renovations and has a commitment to and passion for her craft. Their shared interests in historic preservation and energy efficiency paved the way for a good fit based on what was important to each of them and intersecting for a transaction which benefited them both.

It also all tied together with where Kate worked, Mosby Building Arts, where Kate served in marketing strategy and budgeting.  Mosby’s commitment to doing things the right way and delivering a better product to their homeowner enables them to live their mission of helping their customers at every segment of their project. Walking their talk.

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